Official NEO Discussion Thread



Thats what everyone said about Ethereum at 30 bucks, and 100 bucks, and 300 bucks.


all true guys, but NEO is already a big part of my portfolio (like 40% or so). NEO is fine to hold and it’ll be rewarding.
no need to try and convince me.

but for short term gains, NEO isn’t the right choice.


Main stream media outlets like the college investor is talking about NEO. And unlike XRP, it is not a trash coin, but instead a platform with many use cases–ie the launching of several ICOs.

hey, we all would have loved to have gotten it at $.50 cents, but that time has passed. I got a lot at $65 and I will buy more at $110-$200.


I guess it depends on what your definition of is, is.

short term gains -Crypto definition = 4 days.

Long term gains - Crypto definition - 1 month

Ultra hodl gains - Crypto definition - 1 year

Ultra mega super hodl - Crypto definition - 3 years

Short term gains wallstreet - 1 year

Long term gains wallstreet - 10 years



Yeah, that’s a healthy % of your portfolio. I definitely believe in diversification and wouldn’t go higher than that unless NEO forces it with massive growth. NEO has been that high for me as well. In December it was as low as 28% but then outpaced other coins I hold including ICX and became a whopping 35%.


Man all the XRP hate but they will be one of the few left when regulation comes. They also have a strong team.

I don’t own much XRP but I think people will be disappointed/surprised in 5 years.


I never mentioned XRP. I also never mentioned wanting to buy a specific other coin.

I’d rather invest in something that is still below a dollar up to $10

That could be ICX, per example.

and defining short term, to see if NEO fits that bill: if you think NEO will hit $1000 within a month…short enough. If you think it’ll take 6-8 months (pretty realistic), that is long term to me.


Yeah, but will XRP get to $10? It would need a trillion dollar market cap to get there. Now if it does, I will be happy because that means the entire crypto market will be over $10 trillion.


IMO ripple isn’t even a cryptocurrency. It should not even be in this space. It’s a completely different animal and should not be on crypto exchanges. It’s an investment that I want no part of. You may as well buy JP Morgan or BOA Stocks or some other banker investment if you like Ripple.


Oh, most definitely not anytime soon. They are a very sssslllooowwww burn. The only way it gets to $10 in 5 years is for the market cap to moon. They are counting on the Jevons Paradox and to have small/medium sized banks be able to compete with larger POS banks. Think of it as a tool for the little guy.

There is no way that banks and governments are missing the crypto boat. They will fight tooth and nail for every dollar/control they can get. Same with corporations.

Where I like Ripple is it’s a gateway drug to crypto. Hell XRP was my first buy cause I factored in the banks not missing and the boat and it saves time and money. Could any Crypto do it? Sure. But are their owners on CNBC talking about how their wokring with banks? Nope. So while XRP isn’t a crypto, people will be taught how to buy it, and eventually, branch out from XRP. Just like myself and the other people I read who got into to Crypto through XRP.


I don’t disagree. Just be sure to avoid the evil corporate tokens when they finally hit the space and start mooning. Facebook, Amazon, Shell, Penske. While we want to live in a decentralized world the reality is we aren’t even close and won’t be close in the next 20 years. The war hasn’t even started yet.

Those corporate tokens will bring more people into the space, but while you care about decentralization John Q. Public just cares about catching the crypto wave with “legit” or “centralized” tokens. To think the corporate world and governments will not play in this space is crazy, and there are far more people who would rather buy corporate tokens then [insert token here].

It’s going to be a long ride, and battle. The fight for trillions of future dollars is just beginning. And I would bet on Google to crush the little guy versus the garage band cryptos that exist. Also, recall a large amount of wealth in the US is controlled by baby boomers. By 2030 that is 37 trillion dollars. If you want the market to moon you’re going to need their money.


When it comes to decentralization, Ripple is at the opposite furthest end of the spectrum.

  1. I would not own a coin that its founder has over 50% of the coin.
  2. The whole network is owned by Ripple founders too.
  3. Ripple doesn’t even operate on a blockchain, so transactions are NOT IMMUTABLE.

Ripple is so bad it doesn’t even deserve to be in this conversation. If I am to rank, I would put Bitcoin first (due to decentralization), then cryptos like NEO and ICX, and then finally VISA/MasterCard.

With VISA/MasterCard, despite its centralization, at least you get lightning-speed transactions and no fees for customers.

With Ripple, you get the worst of both worlds: centralization & transaction speed/cost.

  1. Did you mean 5%? Or are you referring to the 55B that is escrowed and sold to banks monthly at a max of 1B per month at a time? It’s lso rumored that Satoshi owns 1M BTC. Thats 2.5% of the total stash. At least there is transparency.

  2. Yes, Ripplenet is what is keeping the team making money so they don’t have to sell their coins. Unlike several “decentralized” coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc who sold coins. It does have a closed end blockchain that is only available for those with access to RippleNet

I am not sure what you mean by lightning speed. Current transaction speeds are less than 4 seconds.

I would agree, its totally centralized.

Anyway, we can continue the discussion in the Ripple thread instead of muddying up NEO if anyone wishes.

My only point is that the more “legit” we look to John Q public, the more likely the market cap increases. If XRP is the gateway drug, then so be it. I’m looking big picture.


Anyone have feelings on NEOs performance the past few days?


Strong imho. We have a lot of year left!


All technical indicators officially pointing up again. MACD crossed, descending trendline broken, $108 support rejected, it also retraced 61.8 of the total move from $25ish. If we break the ATH I can see this doing an Ethereum where we go to $400 pretty quickly.



I think it’s safe to bet on NEO being Alibaba to ETH being Amazon.


This guy. Neo Moonshot. He got me into antshares at 6$. Every time i watch his videos i buy more…! The flippening is comming guys! :rocket::rocket::heart::heart: (sorry Icx, but i will have to sell quite some of you little buggers soon…!)


Wonder if the guy has a da hong fei tattoo


He probably does! He at least owns thousands of NEO! :joy: