Official NEO Discussion Thread



Testing the 8/11 & 8/12 support levels on VERY low volume compared to last 7 days. Fundamentals still in place… will be adding to my NEO position throughout the day.

NEO - What's the big deal? (Official Thread)

Get in load up for the LT! Yoooo! Nothing has changed, only getting better for NEO. People need to take profits, I did, and now I am loading up for the run. :rocket:



Gonna wait a tad longer. :grinning:


I tihnk they may have government approval.

unless I read it wrong


It hasnt been below .009 since the run up on the 13th. This could be a good re-entry point for sure.


Just bought at 890k! So happy! Hodl! NEO is the chosen one, after all!


Increase my position. 8.1 shares @ .08650000


Hopefully it causes a panic and a lot get out. The lower the better :grinning:


Just increased my position 78 NEO @ .0865 too!


Elliot Wave Theory at Play
Sometimes you have to zoom out to see the bigger picture at play.


Looks like it’s a great time to buy! :slight_smile:


im waiting for .0085-ish … too low? lol
perhaps ill join you guys in the .0086ish range … hmmmmmm #secondChance coz i sold majority position too early last week, actually to try and buy lower , but the darn train left me behind. hating myself for that move. GL to all!


Love the Elliot Wave illustration! I’m a broker and wouldn’t have thought anyone here would know about that. Although I have been impressed with a lot of these crypto kids’ technical analysis…albeit a lot of these coins are lacking any fundamental basis & remind me a lot of tech “companies” in 1999 unfortunately


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. Elliot wave theory is amazing, when you can see it working in fractals.


wish i checked here before I bought at .00895, oh well…


it’s hovering in the low 90’s now… hoping for 1 more dip so i can get on board @ 0.008888888888888 :smiley:


great Brad, i bunch of us are adding this morning love to see those “8’s” back in the price!!!


Mojo, you’re watching the right entry points, no kicking yourself, if you can get in some cheaper neo’s your cost will average out fine (especially when it hits 100 bucks!!!


Đang where did you guys get that price?! I don’t see it so below .087 on my bittrex chart