Offered large amount of ETH for my domain name from a company in Japan



There’s been a recent similar situation here in the pub. That one was a scam. Be careful.


Unfortunately, too late. I’m guessing with the nature of crypto and that they are an offshore company there is no recourse.

Carpqueen? Are you on the Illinois River where they have all the invasive Asian Carp?


No I’m on the UK. Used to do a lot of freshwater fishing :slight_smile:


Got it. I’m originally from Illinois where Asian Carp are an invasive species threatening all of the other local fish and working their way to the Great Lakes. They jump. You might find this funny Just google Peoria Carp Hunters for other videos.


Fun video. Can see why they’re wearing helmets :rofl:


It’s a scam.
But I do have a friend in Nigeria who has just inherited £100million if you are interested? :thinking::thinking:


I just got the same email today.

Begin Copied Text:

Our commission is only 6 %. The commission is divided between you (3%) and the buyer (3%) and paid after you get the money.

The buyer offers 15 BTC (Bitcoins).

The payment to you will be made via escrow service to protect both parties during the transaction. You will get 50% before the domain transfer and 50% after.

Do you have a certificate of compliance for Japanese escrow? We cannot proceed without it.

To proceed with the sale, the bank of the buyer requires a certificate of compliance with Japanese law and trademarks. Please don’t worry. If you don’t have it you can order it online. I will help you with instructions and will not leave you along with this.

  • The certificate must be up to date (issued during last 30 days)
  • Copy of the certificate in Japanese (required by the buyer because he does not speak English).
  • The certification agency must be authorized by my buyer and his bank.

We asked him if GoDaddy or Sedo appraisal certificates will work for him. Now we are awaiting for his answer.

End Copied Text:

So yes I’d say it’s a scam. Email used is

Here is the first message I received:


Our regular customer is interested in t***

If it’s still for sale please email me.

If you have a Telegram user name please send to me. We will communicate faster via this messenger.


Fukuhara Tagasaki

Vice President

Investor Relations

Quicca Hosting Inc.




Tell them to send the BTC now.
Then you can hand it over.
Non refundable!


Any time someone contacts you out of the blue offering money and some part of their process means you have to pay out money before getting yours - be very cautious.

I would ignore it but good that you mentioned it here for others


Hah, would be funny to talk with them and force them to make a prepayment :smiley: Try this if you feel bored. Scammers want your money and they will be polite and gentle but after they realize you are kidding and trolling, they will swear you and curse your family and so on. Sadly, we can’t sue them for such actions but c’est la vie.


Thanks, but I already have $10 billion Zimbabwe dollars, so I’m good.