Odyssey (OCN) listed on Kucoin!


He folks,

new coin on the market, what you think about this?

Justin Sun on board :see_no_evil::ghost:



Had an nice ride with it - wonder if some pubs benefit from it too? :cowboy_hat_face:


I bought it yesterday at the dip, a lot of hype. though they say its gonna be listed on binance, i m not sure about it. cant find any proof. so if u have any, except the screenshot of a tweet.


I am out again since a few hours - seems profits taken at the moment.

Maybe will buyin later, need to do more research…


anyone invested in OCN?


I’m out since a while, maybe shoud look into it again :money_mouth_face:



Wow, DBC has almost tripled since I last bought some. Didn’t invest in OCN as TRX was all the Justin Sun I could handle lol. Looks like I goofed.


Any thoughts on OCN?


It’s gaining more and more popularity. More more people talking about it. I don’t know what the future for this one holds. It really depends whether or not they are able to acquire more more customers than just the obike integration.


I dont know why but every crypto account I follow on twitter talk about this coin, I would dig more about it during the next few days. The price look good around 250 sats for 2B Circulating supply, $29 074 200 USD on the 24h volume it’s pretty good also. Maybe try too buy some and hope he get listed on Binance


The team is very active on twitter, and it has a lot of volume on kucoin. I bought a small bag, hoping a binance listing, and the news of an airdrop, might pump the price to 800-1000 sats, and then get out of it.


Tron is supposed to go and hang out with Binance in Malta. Makes me think OCN will get that Binance listing.


Yeah i just think its a matter of time now, before it gets listed


TRX Main Net could maybe push OCN to the moon - anyone risking some bucks the next weeks?


I’m buying in low . I’ll buy more on dips. It has far more potential to go up than down. My other opinion is Justin sun wouldn’t partner up or be involved with someone or something that would not benefit in early growth of tron. Another long term hold for me.


Justin Sun and Yi Shi are good friends since 4 years. I am heavily invested in OCN.


Here is a good interview with Yi Shi, explaining his thought process and plans for the airdrop, and also explains a bit of his background, as well as business connections, and relation to Justin Sun:


It’s picking up, any new updates?


Not anything that wasn’t already known. This will do a TRX this year, as I have stated all along: