Norway Cryptonation


Yo all cryptonauts!

Anyone representing Norway here?

If anyone of us are having questions related to government rules, tax etc, this would be a great place to discuss. We also have a quite active online crypto community in the Blockchangers slack group where even David Sønstebø (IOTA founder) is hanging out.

Cheers from Oslo


Nice! I’m a Dutch person living in Stord. Trying to find out some info on taxing… as far as I understand we have to pay 28% on all our earnings, is that correct? Skål!


Cool! I was actually “living” in Stord this summer from May to August, working on the Hywind project.

Anyway regarding tax, I believe the effective tax rate is 29,76% for 2017. If you sell with a loss you will also get tax deductions of the same amount. Remember that if you want to follow the law 100% you also need to list include your cryptocurrency holdings in your annual tax return form, even though you haven’t taken any profits/loss that year. The government obviously requires to know what assets and cryptocurrency we are holding.


Damn, 29% its insane. I will definately NOT be listing my portfolio. Im also looking at alternative ways to take out big profits.
Have some family in the Netherlands. Maybe i will have them to take out the profits and send it to me as a gift! ( up until NOK 500.000,- can be given as a gift ). In the Netherlands they only pay 12% tax! :slight_smile:

Awesome the Hywind project was really cool! I`m currently working at Kværner, which is the neighbour of Stord Base :slight_smile: I had an amzing view the last months with these wind mills! :slight_smile:


Norway here as well! Based in Stavanger.

Actually bought from Sturle from before going to coinbase. He also buys, so might be going to him when it comes to profit taking if coinbase turns out to be difficult.

I also wont list my portfolio until it either gets big enough that I get nervous or at least until it’s time to take profits :slight_smile:


Haha yes, my strategy exactly. That however would be a luxery position! ( having so high profits that you`ll get nervous )


I have always bought from Sturle myself for years now, and I will continue to use him. However he has been sold out for the last 2-3 weeks, so keep that in mind if you want to invest more in the near future.

I think it’s no problem to not list your holdings and assets until you have to pay wealth tax based on your total wealth amount (correct word?), but if you don’t do it then and Skatteetaten later require to see your complete transaction and investemnt history the day you are taking profits, you might get in trouble and possibly get fined.


This is true. They might want to see the transaction history if the sums are large enough. There are ways to “lose” bitcoin or use bitcoin before the end of the year. Which wouldnt require you to report anything. Bottom line is that at this time they do not see bitcoin as a real threat to tax evasion. The individuals they watch are those with large sums. I’m not one of those. But the day they do I will show my holdings if needed.


Fra Norge (From norway) :smiley: :raised_hand:


Representing Nord norge here. :smiley:



Where in Norway are you located?


Welcome! :smiley: Good to see more Norwegians here


Nice to be in this community, and to learn the truth about cryptocurrency Live in Molde😊


what the hell is going on with bitcoin? i thought it would hit 26k it dropping today like crazy from 16k to 13k?


I saw something on YouTube explaining this.
But how true it is, I don’t know


Hvilken side bruker dere for å handle crypto?
Har ikke førerkort så får ikke tilgang til gdax
Bruker coinbase, binance og localbitcoins, men finns det andre alternativ dere har god erfaring med?