Normal non tech Savy US citizen mining from home


A mining Rig doesn’t create a full node they are two separete things.
A full node can run on any computer with the correct OS. I run a BTC full node on windows.
A mining rig can have a full node also running on it if you are running linux or windows. But you will also need to setup the mining software the two are independent.


Does the full node suck up much electricity, like mining?


@TexasEric almost no electricity, you can use a Raspberry Pi and a 250GB HDD.


Awesome!!! I like not having high bills.
Are there any real drawbacks to running a full node? Is there any chance of being targeted for a malicious attack?
Can I gain any funds from running a full node?


As @Blynker stated almost nothing. It only uses the amount of electric that your system uses as this just sits on your hdd. So think of electric usage of uploading and downloading files.

The smaller the system you use the less electric its more or less trivial.


No funds to be made just support for the network. I mean there is always a chance of being hacked and for good measure I do not actually use the wallet address the full node creates.

You could look at setting up a lightning network node if you are looking to earn some cash. Not real sure what that takes.


This sounds great. I’m going to look into doing this, I would like to support the network as a side project from my mining. Do you have any recommended links on Raspberry Pi and HDD full node set-ups?


This one is LN and Pi.


@seikin I have quite a few Pi’s but none of them are currently set up as nodes. I used the brettmorrison guide to set up a node on an old laptop running Ubuntu with an external HDD.

As I use a WISP port forwarding is not really available and therefore not true P2P. It means it took about a month to sync the 200GB bitcoin blockchain!!!


Thanks for the great link. I’ll definitely give this a go when I get back home.