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Haha it’s true ma guy. Some of dis project go fall but d ones with strong foundation go remain


see 2013 was the first time i heard about bitcoin. from the news == silk road. i bin go open tor, that time people dey use bitcoin for bad thing i bin no wan join myself. because of fear. something bin dey tell me say if fbi catch you you go know. fast forward 2016 dec i still bin no do anything. prove for 2016

. one person wey bin get sense say fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me. think abou how i dey vex for myself.


Na true. i no no if you don hear about ABJcoin, but, i dey fairly certain say e go dey among those wey go fail this year.


Ma padi way find out about bitcoin in 2014 no tell me and he himself no do nothing until now. C friends oo. Had I known… na only God know. But we go move forward.


I agree. that doesnt solve anything except adding more despair.

that time in 2013 i tell ma padi make hin buy the bitcoin he no gree. i no blame am

na the only way be that.


My wife actually mentioned it to me in 2016. I just told her me I don’t want to get involved with virtual currencies o. Given what I’ve heard about other scams.

Fast forward 2017 I discovered mining on my laptop, well that changed everything and then watch peter’s youtube channel brought me to the pub.

Listening to Peter, Carter Thomas on a daily basis became part of my day.

Then saw the Peter’s video saying what if one had invested $100 as at 2011. Well I’ve learnt not to have regrets, learn and move on.


I thank God for vinwiki rekindling my interest in btc and @peter for the pub. because when i started it was Altcoin buzz but the guy was always just shilling crappy coins and He didnt really know what he was talking about. I said to myself im not that gullible.

Went on youtube modified the search parameters for bitcoin sorting through old videos landed on bitesizebitcoin==goldmine. the rest is history being made.

i’ll certainly look into

As of right now its peter he facinates me sometimes, john for interesting reads ,{ nick szabo (satoshi nakamoto ), Tuur Demeester, Andreas A. } for opinion.


Glad you’re here bro! We hope vinwiki does very well in the automotive landscape. ALWAYS BUILDING!


Indeed, going through Peter’s videos was motivating. Learned so much in a space of 4 months and there’s still more to learn


but @peter i remember in one of your videos you hinted at vinwiki + blockchain. is that something we should expect?

i mean i dont see why not. you already have an MVP. vinwiki could very well replace the inefficient carfax we have and it could be the u.s’s very own cV.
Just saying :man_shrugging:


Oh I know. It’s sometging I want to build. But I’m not ceo. ;). I’m just the slave who builds.


you’re too humble @peter. Ed Bolian needs to wake up. i bet he’s your friend . he needs a push in the right direction.