Nicehash profitability calculator


I am wondering, in nicehash profitability calculator, why the monthly profit is not equal to the daily profit multiplied by 30.
The monthly profit is much lower.


I am pretty sure the 1day profit is calculated off of the spot price vs the monthly being a 30day average. Whattomine does something similar or at least provides this information.

On whattomine you can sort it by 24hr average 3 and 7 day averages.

I personally like the longer averages and use those because I do not switch my algo’s daily.


Going to help you out here, you seem to be having trouble reading and basic understanding of internet. Also, how did you manage to get a topic here? :sweat_smile:


Thank you. I couldn’t pull up NiceHash to show this as I am at work, but for some reason I can access whattomine.