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Where would you recommend going to purchase GAS directly with FIAT??


the 2nd round of KYC finishes on 27th April so i’m guessing we’ll get news a couple of days after that once they’ve gone through all the KYC’s


Luckily you posted this I didn’t even know they started the second kyc round. Cheers mate


i only just saw it there on their website when i popped in to see if there was any updates on the token sale dates and it said it runs 21-27th token sale is still April TBA though. the longer it goes though the better as NEO keeps rising and i managed to buy mine at $60 a piece


2 account approved for ICO! Both eligible for round 2 too. That will do for now.



Wow nice one mate! Did you check you have to check your nex suite to find out?

Are you going max on both, if you can?


I sent my KYC today. They put it on manual review. Few hours later I see this in NEX ICO platform:

I don’t know yet. It depends on ICX. But maybe I will sell my Elastos&TheKey pack and max it. Those grow slower then this will in a short term.


Smashing it man.

Ill Check mine tomorrow. Hope I get in on both accounts too for both rounds


ICX was the right decision (as always)! It rose about 20% since, while NEO&LTC went lower so I share my love :kissing_heart:


in the usa = denied . . . .


Always a bet but icx was a better choice due to expected announcements.

Ill pm you my ICX wallet so you can share the love properly :wink:


Hi found this road map on twitter thought you people would find it useful, the second lottery for the unsold coins has not taken place


only the very lucky ones can get the 9k allocation…


I misread @CryptoAutomata post as I thought it said he was selected for second round lottery.

I wonder when we might find out?


after the first ico probably


You didn’t misread it. I thought that I am in the second round. But yes it seems that I am “only” eligible to take part in the second round lottery.


Yeah I’ve checked mine, one is approved like yours and the other is in manual review!

Really hope I get the chance to buy more that two bloody thousand, that’s so shit! This will definitely 10X in my opinion, so much hype and low token numbers with staking as well! AAARRRGHHH cant wait!

I’m in two minds though, do I cash out if it 10X or hodl as it’ll definitely go up and I can earn passive income as well?


I love it because by staking your tokens you will get a fee share of the fees NEX generates. That´s cool, but what really, really like is that the you will get paid in the underlying asset that is being traded(!). So it will work as an index. How cool is that! 10:45


forgive my stupidity but you mean we would get paid which ever token was being traded? How does that work if they have Neo/Gas and NEX tokens traded all the time…?


I don´t know exactly but that´s how I interpret what they say. Listen from 10:45.