New Youtube Channel - With Girls - What is Bitcoin?



Some friends and I decided we need even more people on the youtube space explaining crypto …but with women

Feel free to joy in the conversation!

I would like to thank @peter for graciously allowing me to post this up.

My girls and I will hopefully be releasing alot more content in the coming weeks! We’re trying to make it a bit more approachable to the average joe. Probably too basic for the people here!


The Pub is the place to experiment!
Stick with it. Only those willing to persevere survive!
Edit: Title, tags, and put it in Bitcoin Beginners. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback!


I dig it, keep up the good work, more people need to be educated. I meet so many people that have crypto who have been in it longer than i have and they still dont even know what a private key is.


What did she say? LOL!


Lol! Im getting that alot :joy: