New CoinPuffs Email Alerts




So far it’s working nicely. Only problem was that it send the first alerts to my spam folder, but once reported not spam, it has been working nicely.

I agree with Sukoshi about possibly marking the alerts inactive once you have been notified, or maybe an update button, so you do not have to re enter an alert.

I like the simplicity of it all so far…



Just wondering…

Can this alert system be tied in with Like within the same site…


the idea is that if people use it then i’ll integrate it more fully… yes.



  • Alert on Vestarin (hehehehe :troll: ) > $5
  • Goes > $5 to (say) $6

Will alerts continue to go out regularly saying it is > $5 or is it only that one time?

I’ve received a bunch of alert emails, but I haven’t verified if the prices went below then back above or not.


it’s built in a way that it’ll keep triggering until you do something with it… like remove the trigger.


got both the ones I set… cool!


“Unspam” them and you should be good.


For the suggestion box… I’ve been getting my alerts and the thing that I ask immediately after is what is the current price bc we know that the price can do back flips & cartwheels inside of a few minutes… would a link to current price suffice? Just spitballing as I’m staring at the email alerts :v:


The alerts have been coming in regularly since the 14th. I set two alerts, simple support and resistance levels. They have been coming in regular intervals, and once steadily above or below a set alert price the system continues notifications indefinitely:


feel free to turn it off… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey John I had to check my spam folder to see a flood of Coinpuffs alerts :joy: I had set for BTC, ICX and I received the same alert though on like BTC for example multiple times so in the end it came out to like 40 alerts haha

I unspammed the alerts but will it flood the main inbox every time there is an alert or is the alert limited to like 1 a day every time the price fluctuates?


it emails you anytime that number is hit… which might be multiple times a day. it’s not an intelligent system at the moment… just a simple one.


not sure if someone has already said this or not, but it would be nice to have an all-in-one page. add your alerts and see the alerts you already have set, on one page.

Also, i’d prefer text alerts over email alerts. but that’s just me…


I prefer sms alerts too but afaik getting something like this is usually a paid service.


Hi John!

Thanks for creating this, really appreciate the effort you and Peter are doing for the community. Below is my feedback!

Layout looks clean and the current interface is simple enough
Haven’t received any alerts yet but from the looks of it the functionality works great


  1. If this alert system will be part of a coin puffs account then I guess by default it should always remember our email address. If not, can we have the system “remember” what email we used previously?

  2. Can we have an optional threshold of BTC instead of USD?

  3. Suggestion to also add an “edit” button under actions column so users can easily change it.

  4. Maybe a toggle up top that would let the user choose alerts that they want to delete in one go.

  5. Maybe a dropdown that would make the user choose, “Once” or “Everytime”.

  6. A column that says “Current Price” would be helpful when viewing the alerts page so they know they have set it up correctly.

Forgot to add this one
6. Have the crypto asset box recognize “tickers” too together with the full name of the currency (i.e. ICX, BTC, ADA)


My results are in line with what the others reported.

  • 5 alerts set up
  • 1 triggered once
  • 1 triggered twice

  • first 2 mails into spam box
  • unspammed
  • 3rd mail into inbox

:question: Question
In the list
What is the intention of column When really?
Assuming the list it shall show alert paramters, I need to report an :warning: Issue:

  • only ID 269 has it populated
  • ID 253 does not show it

Additional Info: - ID 253 was sent 2 times

:bulb: Suggestion:
Add information, how often an alert has been sent, maybe a mouse over tooltip on data in column Last Sent

:hulksmash: Supporting these:


Same issues like everyone else with multiple alerts.
Set up alerts for 5 different coins and only ICX is being triggered…could be a sign I need to stack up some more ICX haha


@john I have got a crap ton of email alerts. How do I turn them off :joy: I’ve received 48 alerts on 3 coins in 2 days!


I figured it out :joy: asdf