New CoinPuffs Email Alerts



Just built a small web app / service and are looking for a few patrons to help test it this week. More details in for Cryptonauts (and above)!




Hi John,

I added above/below alert pairs for 3 different coins. Everything went smoothly and all the alerts appeared in my alerts list. No alerts hit yet. I’ll check tomorrow to see if any of the price targets were hit to see if an alert should have been triggered.

Only suggestion at this time is to not have to re-enter the E-mail with each alert and to be able to sort alerts by coin name on the alert list page so that above/below alert pairs are next to each other. Other than that, well done!


thank you for testing good sir!


The process of adding alerts is too slow.

  • Add alert
  • See notification
  • Click Your Alerts
  • View them
  • Hit back twice to add a new alert (note: first back is the previous form submission)
  • rinse/repeat


  • Adding the Add Alert button to the list view would be helpful.
  • After adding the first alert, redirect to the list so you can see them and you get to keep the dogefied homepage :wink:

I set some over/under alerts. I’ll report back thoughts when those arrive. Wait…2 did send. They’re in spam. :slight_smile:

I purposely set 2 alerts below the current price with the above setting. I expected it not to send it now since I already see it is above. My thought was they would not send immediately rather only send after it went below then back above. This is probably a unique use, but figured I’d note it.


Feature suggestion:

  • Show the current price for the alert either within the list (would be duplicated by multiple alerts for 1 coin) or as “pills”/callouts above the list
  • Group alerts by email or maybe coin
  • Instead of an entire Then column, what about making it just an arrow (same from coinpuffs list page) by the price? If not an arrow, maybe just color the text red or green w/ a legend below the list for clarity? It would also show the above and below. Right now I’m only seeing below.

Removal suggestion:

  • when I’m looking at the list, I’m not really interested in when I subscribed. Maybe that could be some secondary info in a tooltip or something. It would also make room for prices inline.


I was done then thought of more tests to run. Apologies for the multiple posts vs one big one.

  • I could submit the form with a bad email. Add server-side validation. I just used a curl post to get around the browser validation.
  • After submitting the bad email, it wiped out my list of alerts.
  • Add browser alerts as an option vs email

  • Adding a confirmation to delete would prevent accidental deletes. It is easy to delete, which always makes me nervous. :slight_smile:

Ok…going to get back to work before I find a reason to post again. :smiley:

Great job. I think it will definitely be useful.


Great Work and I love the tool the concept has real value and savings. I use Coinbase app alerts in the same way.
Quick UAT from IPhone
Create Up/Down alerts trigger alert (maybe a deviation) the search box for crypto doesn’t support ticker/acronym and spelling is case sensitive
Email Alert has relevant data Time, Crypto and Price (maybe a deviation) Time on email is unclear whether it was time of price alert or is it just the email timestamp
Create multiple alerts with multiple emails Pass
View the above multiple alerts (maybe a deviation) doesn’t allow for a single report of all alerts which makes sense
No alerts created with non email domains (deviation) created a few alerts with broken email domains…
Functional test
Minimize & Rotate & Screen…the screen to review alerts didn’t fit 100 the top section cut off part of what looks like a clock
That’s all folks✌️


you folks getting the email alerts?


It wants a “key” now, which it says is in the E-mail footer. But I only have the original E-mail from you and there’s no key in the fotter?



and… it has the key in the link:


I’ll use the info you just posted.

Below is all I see, perhaps it’s a Gmail thing? Or because the E-mail you sent me was before that stuff was added? I’m just posting this in case it helps you diagnose things.


Hi John,

Something happened to the 6 alerts I added yesterday so new alerts were triggered:

I’ll add some new ones now that are bound to get hit just to retest.


That’s odd. Right after I added some new alerts all my old alerts came back. Here’s what I have right now. I just added a tightly bounded above/below alert pair for Bitcoin:

I did receive the ETC alert. It was in my spam folder. Just marked it as not spam.


Yep alerts still triggering when value hits.



Bitcoin price alert hit. This time not in Spam folder (after clearing the Spam tag from previous E-mail alert for ETC in that E-mail aelrt):




I’m only posting this so @peter knows his control of the Ethereum Classic market is still working:


@john Do you want us to keep sending you the alerts we receive? Or do you have enough for now?


@john Here’s one for the Suggestion Box

I’d like a checkbox titled something like “Recurring”. If it’s not checked, then once the alert is hit, it is marked as “inactive” and does not generate any more alerts. Note, I believe “inactive” is better than deleted because that way you can add a later feature to allow user’s to reactivate inactive alerts, and save them from having to re-enter a commonly used alert.