New ad format sucks


I understand a need for ads, but the placement of the dropdown add makes the site hard to navigate. It covers up the top menu bar, and is very difficult to x out on a mobile device. Probably about 75% of the time I fail to x it out and get redirected to the sponsor.

Just my 2 Satoshis.


Is it possible for patrons to have this disabled?

The ads are bearable in desktop but a pain when using mobile.

Ads are not really a deal breaker for me because the content I get here far outweighs the minor issues.


Yeah, it’s not the ad, but the placement. And I agree, it’s a lot easier to deal with on a desktop, but 90% of the time I’m on an ipad or iphone.


i’m working on integrating it with a larger system that i’ve created for advertising.

the system is complex and tricky, but, i’m working on it.


I was just gonna make a topic on this very same issue. on the computer it’s not a big deal but I’m mostly on my mobile on the pub and that is a big deal it takes up a lot of my little screen. By the way it does not let me click the X…So take away is I hate this feature. PS you guys are doing great with the pub and all. I love it all.


That’s why the ads are there, so you click them accidentally to get revenue.
No one ever clicks ads, no one, so you have to put them somewhere where it’s a pain in the ass :btc::btc:


i have logged an update to fix this for trust level 2 and above.