Neo's stolen on 5-12-2017



Well he is protected by WhoIs Guard, you could check out proxies.

But easier way is tis:
“In your situation the only two solutions would be to either send a DMCA compaint to their hosting provider or to sue them.”

This site should answer all of your questions.


Unfortunately, there is probably no way to get to the thief. If you’ll ever find that “who is”, then it’s most likely fake or stolen ID.

It would much easier to get the website out of Google AD. As can you guess what site came up first when I looked for “Neo web wallet”? Yep. This. It was paid AD. Typical scheme in the crypto space.


If you can afford it, get a Hardware wallet. My next option would be to install Exodus on your home PC and deposit to there using other the copy of addresses, or to log in to exchanges using your home PC.

If you are not trading actively, I would discourage you to keep that crypto on exchanges.

Remember, If you don’t have a private key, it’s not your wallet.


I have ledger nano s now


also get an adblocker and scriptblocker


Ok. Good. Now, where do you store that seed phrase?


On the bright side, you’ve payed a pretty cheap price to learn a very important lesson.

  1. Would you store your bank password and security phrases on your email?
  2. Would you log in to your bank account using unofficial/unverified web address?

Apply the answers to both questions to your cryptocurrency management. You didn’t even seem to take your time to even pick out the obvious.


The seed phrases, i think you mean the recovery words. They are written on the card that comes with the ledger.
The lesson is pretty expensive, maybe i am too naive and i must change my way of thinking about security and storing information.
Thank you for the tips.
I will warn my colleages that also followed my friends lead to buy Neo’s and store them in the webwallet where i lost them.


To the Hacker AHk7t8cKGDM2sARMFUw7F5zjPdqNCbnnjj

If you are seeing this please give me back my Tokens im begging you… :sob:i am poor and thats all i have… I am new to crypto and i saved money just to buy 3 neos to participate to token sale hoping that it could make my shitty life a little bit better, please im begging you i need it so much. That is my only hope and you took it away from me. Please from the bottom of my heart im begging you… I havr no way of contacting you but i hope you see this you probably dont need it but i really really do… This is my wallet that you’ve stolen from