Neo's stolen on 5-12-2017



My Neo’s are stolen.
I don’t know how but my friend had the same thing happening to him at the same day around the same time.
I had 2 Neo’s to try it out, my friend had 11 Neo’s.
because of this i bought a Ledger Nano S.
The day they were stolen 5-12-2017 11:16:06 to this adres:
Does anyone know how this can happen?


Never heard of it…where are they stored? Neon wallet?

When I look in Neo tracker I can see you have a blance of 4000 neos?


There is a good amount of NEO (4071 coin)


The adres is of the guy that took them.
This is my adres.


Where did you store your neo?

Neo & Gas coin webwallet


Please, be more specific.
You and your friend are using the same computer?
Whee did you store your private keys?
Did you use some sort of exchange?
Did you use some sort of the web wallet?

I can only imagine you’ve compromised your keys in some way or another. This is sad, as there’s no way to get your Neo’s back, if it was compromised like that.


Is that even an official wallet?


Nope… It’s not “official” web wallet. Somebody was legitably scammed by a fake web wallet.


It’s crypto! DON’T TRUST! VERIFY!

OP, I’m sorry for your loss.


I use my own computer, i stored my private key in a word document that i send to my hotmail.
i am the only person using this computer( laptop)
I bought the Neo’s at them on 19-11-2017 12:36
I didn’t check my account untill last week. Very bad news


First point of attack: email.
Second point of attack: your computer.
ZERO point of attack: not an official web wallet.

Next time, please, be more cautious.

Don’t just trust google, verify.


Hotmail is not the place to store private keys.


Why don’t you use wallet from the official site? Too lazy. If you don’t want to do any effort in it to learn then it is much better to leave the coin on the exchange where you bought it.



lessons learned…lucky for you it was just 2 neos O.o


Noob question. I’m doing all my cyrpto stuff on a work computer so I can’t install Exodus. I don’t have much in my portfolio, so it is all sitting on either Coinbase or Bittrex. What do you all propose I do? At this point, I have half in BTC, the other half in alts. I’m about a month in at this time, so still learning.


My email is compromised? really? For 2 Neo’s?
The strange thing is that my friend lost his neo’s at almost the same time ( we work for the same company)
I was not aware that this wallet is not official, i followed my friends advice and tried it out.
I bought a ledger to store my crypto after this.
Is there a way to get to this Thief? i think he is getting very rich


It’s not strange at all, you’ve registered at fake NEO Wallet site. It’s probably configured scripts when and where to send all the NEO’s from many different wallets created at this FAKE NEO WEB-WALLET. Just my assumption, most fake domains work similar.


Ok, Thanks.
That is clear now


Is there a way to get to this Thief? Trough his webwallet adres ?


Maybe throught domain adress? Who is the owner? Of course if the domain is old af you probably won’t find current owner.

But if the domain is new and hasn’t been resold then you might have a chance.