NEON Wallet Issue


Yep… A case of software bug, most likely. It needs to be addressed to the DevTeam. You maybe would not be able to get a refund, because it’s “as is” software and they say that they can’t be held responsible for the case of lost/stolen funds. But you will help them to make software better.
By the way, what version did you use?


The latest version. 0.0.4


And those 65 NEO just sit there for eternity unclaimed. WTF?!


Well if it happened once they should be able to replicate it. Free the neos and make it better/everyone happy. I also do not write code so this is uneducated thought.


Unfortunately, probably not. I’m so sorry this happened!


That’s possible, unfortunately. But you can reach devs. I’m sure they would help. I even think, that there should be the correct ID in log files somewhere (the addresses just don’t appear from out of nowhere for no apparent reasons).

For now, I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

By the way, generate a new wallet as your current ID is already shown here.

Stay safe and all the best


Thanks mate, yes of course I won’t be using this specific wallet (or NEON at all for that matter) from now on.

Problem with Neon Wallet HELP!

Haha thanks anyway, mate. Yeah, really sucks! I was so methodical about it too. Did my research, took my time, made sure it was all legit and peer-reviewed and then… bam! 65 Neo gone forever!


I always do a small test transaction on any NEW wallet that I create to see if everything went correctly. Just for future reference my friend


Yep, did a test transaction but never logged in and out again before sending the whole package. Ugh…such an idiot!


Know the feeling lost 5 neo 2days ago using this wallet. Bad thing is when transfering the neo didn’t even turn up.
Have emailed support but haven’t heard anything from them yet.


I had the exact same issue. here is my link:

Curious, were you sending to Bittrex?


I have been using NEON for a while now and I have had no problems… interesting story. Always double check before sending out that the first and alst 4 digits match up


Anyone try the new 0.1.0 NEON wallet? Windows won’t run the app, Unknown Publisher?

must say. over the last several months, no bueno experiences with neon, muey mal actually.


I ran it, had to disable vpn and firewall software first though.


Sorry for your loss. If I recall there was another user here with a similar problem. Search the archives, I don’t think he found a solution sadly.



Hey guys, anyone having issues sending nep-5 tokens out of neon wallet? Trying to send DBC, QLC, to kucoin wallet, but the wallet is not allowing me to send anymore, all was good a few weeks ago. So, I tried to send coins to my other neon wallet (ledger nano account) and it won’t allow it either. Not sure how to handle this. Any advice would be much appreciated. I did upload the update version 0.2.5. Anyone having issues as well? I do have gas. (LOL sounds wierd saying that!)