NEON Wallet Issue


I am having some issues with the NEON wallet that are doing my head in. the scenario is this: I download the NEON wallet and install no problem and then set up a new wallet. It generates a private key for me which I saved in screenshot format and emailed to myself and backed up to a second location immediately. I then logout of the program and when I log back in I have zero balance! After a couple of hours scrolling through the forums, I find that plenty of other people have had the same issue! What seems to be unique about my case is that I have been issued with a private key for a wallet that had a different address to the one I sent it to. As in I set up a wallet with the following address:


But was issued with a private key for a different address! That being:


So now on I can see the balance of my NEO coins but they’re
in a wallet that I have no private ID for because the ID that was generated
before I sent them through was for a different wallet. As in the wallet on the
start-up screen and the address of the one when I was in the program (the one I actually used thinking that was my actual address) are different!

How on earth do I rectify that? Why would that be the case in the first place?

And where do I go from here?

Please help, this is sooooooooo annoying…


And I did not set up two wallets by mistake. The address within the wallet was entirely different for some unknown reason. I can see my NEO and the balance within the second address for which I was NEVER given a private ID for. I have several witnesses in the room attesting to no human error in this instance some of whom use NEON themselves with no issues.

  1. Open software and press new wallet button
  2. Save login data and private key with screenshot etc.
  3. Login to wallet which has a different address to login data
  4. Send to that and log out.
  5. Login again with given data to a different wallet entirely with zero balance.

The software generated the private key and yet opened a different address entirely to which the funds were sent. The software was downloaded via the github page so malware doesn’t make any sense I found recommended here. I sent one NEO all good, then 64 all good but logged out only to find the private ID I was given is for a separate wallet entirely.

Absolutely nothing I can do? No backups? No clones? No transaction reversal? No contacts at any stage of the blockchain to help return these funds or send them to the appropriate address?

Bottom line: No private key for wallet with 65 NEO inside :frowning:


I feel for you.

Only suggestion is to contact the developer of the Neon wallet for some support. If they don’t know how to help you then the 65 NEO is gone I am afraid.


Thanks AKSLI. Absolutely nothing I can do? No backups? No clones? No transaction reversal? No contacts at any stage of the blockchain to help return these funds or send them to the appropriate address? NEON is open source with no guarantees or liabilities, unfortunately.


@asharp?? Anything you can recommend?


Nothing else you can really do.

The whole point about crypto is that only the person with the private key can open the wallet.
Neo or Neon wallet developers cannot have copies of your key as it means they can get into anyone’s wallet at anytime.


Contact Neo themselves or deal with the loss.


Yep, I understand. Problem is I was given a private key for a wallet’s address that was different to the one I sent it to. Have contacted NEON support and NEO themselves for assistance.


“Deal with the loss” hahaha thanks


Damn, you may be in a pickle there, if neo cant help, then no key? no coin :frowning:


I have a paper trail with verified security and ID checks but they might have other things to deal with ATM


I was never given a private key for the address that holds my coin. Malware?


Where is it held? it sounds very fishy to me?


NEON wallet downloaded from github link that was recommended by friends and fellow pub-folk! Weird, right?


Contacted NEON, NEO and my exchange so now I’ll wait and see. The coins are out there somewhere!


Have you tried using the neo-gui? also from github?


Yeah, I had it downloaded and it took about three days to configure with my slow-arse Australian internet. The NEON wallet was instant and so I went with that. Can’t believe I’m saying it but I should have just left it in the exchange!


I would recommend only downloading from official sites. I would never follow the links from any page unless it is from an official site that I type in manually. Do you have a link to the sites you downloaded from so we may review if it is official or not? There are scammers out in the crypto world that when you download the wallet from their link and input correct information it will change it when you go to send it. Always very important to make sure before the final “send” check the address again to make sure it didn’t change.


Thanks OMG4me. I have downloaded it from here:

This was the recommended download from several sources. People have been using this for months with no issues. What do you think?


There was defiantly a mistake of some sort. I can’t find the original address that you are referring to (AGJYkwRw9HS7adEkbzqM72HT7fcXggUkdp).
If you have no private key for this address, then there is no way to recover your funds. Always double check the address when you withdraw or transact.

And sorry for the negative assumption, but your approach of storing the private key is not secure. You’ve said that you screenshot the key AND emailed it to yourself. Why so? Could you not write that down by hand? Or print it anyways? Why emailing?

And also, can we see that screenshot (with a private key scribbled, OC)?