NEON Wallet Issue


I have seen it in my neotracker as well


Oops… Sorry… I was copying and pasting and messed up…


Yes, that’s what I’m logged into now. Did you say you logged into the other address though? The AHWM?


This not your exchange address by chance is it?


No, my exchange can’t take inbound NEO.


Nope. Sorry. I copied and pasted the wrong address.


What do your exchange records say for sent address?


It seems the NEON software thinks it gave me one ID when it actually generated a separate one entirely! Ugh…so annoying!


I use the same wallet.
Installed it on a USB drive.
Had the same screen as you with the keys. Saved them up before sending anything, I logged out and in many times to make sure that I had access to it and checked the wallet address also.
Then I sent two Neo (2,1 from Bittrex so after fees I have exactly a round number). Then tested again (logout and in).
Then I sent the rest.

Inside the key I’ve also encrypted the entire neo folder.

If you really did not set up by mistake a different wallet, you must have a malware on your computer.
On my Mac I use ClamXav to protect myself. It got me free from a ransomware before it could encrypt too many important files on my HD once. God!! It got so nervous…!

Go to neotracker and see if this address continues to receive or send NEO. If there is activity you can be sure that you got hacked… If there was not from the wallet download it was on your computer. Normally your wallet should come from this address :

And you have to check after download the hash using the command line (so you know that is the real file) :

Mac: abf1e550b0c83f54388d73b5fc423d74065df634e9f9f3228453c0da6e5b34e8
openssl sha -sha256 Neon-0.0.4.dmg

Windows: 4e735867d8ec02ec9c6af1b87a541f4551b8ec02f96c0294f9c652d01badd584
certUtil -hashfile “Neon Setup 0.0.4.exe” SHA256

Linux (appimage): 0d17be09962420c4a730587ab638a9beb8a3ab9204f589efe396ce4f4a86b139
sha256sum Linux.Neon-0.0.4-x86_64.AppImage

Linux (debian): 06de16014e771eddc1a9dc32af1dc1066df71d41709e53b6880ab991442ff01f
sha256sum Linux.Neon_0.0.4_amd64.deb

I am sorry for you… I guess you’re learning the hard way. But yesterday is really gone. Today is a brand new day and it bleeds into tomorrow. If you have hope in the future, you have power in the present. You’re going to win.

“It is courage, courage, courage, that raises
the blood of life to crimson splendour.
Live bravely and present a brave front
to adversity” – Horace.

Take care…


I should have double-checked again but once I was in the program and the minimal interface had my public address clearly displayed and I had received coins into it. I should have logged out and in again like you’ve mentioned here.


That’s certainly the link I used, good sir.


Chance of malware on my PC is zilch.


Checked hash then and all legit. Checking with zion dev team now


Wait a second… So you have not copied the key and just typed it in? Could you possibly mis-type some characters and numbers?


Thanks for your support, mate.


I mean when you first logged in?


hold on a sec… I’ll check something.


That was my first thought but the wallet doesn’t allow you to open it unless the private ID is exact. Have tried a few forced typos to test that theory.


so… then it’s ether a wallet’s problem, or a exchange mistake.


Can you describe the trace of events? Like that:

  1. Dowloaded wallet
  2. Generated a new wallet
  3. Screenshot the ID
  4. Emailed the ID

  5. and so on…

That would help to understand your story and where you/wallet/exchange messed up.