NEON Wallet Issue


i have exactly the same, and even though it tooke ages, it eventuall got sent across from bittrex to NEON


Hi bitvadol and thanks for your reply. I sent it via email as a second backup but also handwrote it in a second location.


I was issued with this:

But the address the coins were sent to was this:

However, I did not create two wallets.


And show us the login wallet address. When you try to log in under this private key, what’s the public address look like?


Sorry for asking, but where did you get the AHWMxxx address? Is this the address that was generated first time when you created the wallet associated with your privat key, but was changed later to AGJYxxx?


This is the NEON interface


Hi cryptovkng, that was the address in the NEON wallet.


Private key generated was linked to one address and when inputted allowed me to enter the wallet. The public address within the wallet was different for some unknown reason. By that stage I had moved the coins over and logged out. Upon logging back in, the same Private ID worked but now with a different address and zero balance.


I have logged into your original wallet (by using the private key) and see this address: AHWM7FdKekCDdV2oCdD4rqxxwEe7PpEsQS


Wow…and my balance? 65 NEO


And 0 transactions.


Seems legit. Did you run the hash after installing to make sure they match what is on Github? Also just curious it’s not sitting in the address you sent from right? Maybe the right click copy had the exchange neon address for you and not the wallet you are trying to send to.


When I log into the account with the private key it shows the alternate address! Screenshot posted above


I logged in too, I see the AGJYxxx address. How come same private key shows two different public addresses?


Not sure what the hash is, sorry. Still waiting to hear back from my exchange here in Australia but it seems to be in the NEO network now somewhere.


So first time you logged in you saw the AHWMxxx address, and next time you logged in it was changed to the AGJYxxx address?


Neither of which seem to have my coins!


Correct. Both with the same Private ID through the keygen.


Here are screenshots:


Has 65 in it. Go to neotracker dot io