NEO v. LTC - which one would you hodl?



I would hodl both.they both could go high by end of mnth


I like both. But, if I had to choose only one to long term hodl it would be NEO hands down. Gas generation + a relatively clear road map and the high likelihood that China will eventually come back into the game.



LTC aims to be a daily payment currency. NEO wants to be a platform like Ethereum.

I can see how LTC can succeed with a simpler destination. NEO is too ambitious and faces many competition, plus it lives inside the Great Firewall which can be shut down at any time, just like the overnight IP block on all exchanges in China yesterday.

The trade protectionism is on the rise internationally. Trade war can enter the blockchain business as well. US authority does not allow chinese high tech company bidding government contracts and is taxing higher rate on subsidised Chinese products. Cyber security is even more crucial to a nation’s interests.


All NEO holders on Binance will get GAS which is produced by NEO monthly. The details are as follows.

  1. Statistical Method

GAS distribution number = total distribution number of GAS * NEO holder position ratio (with 8 digits after the decimal point)

NEO holders position ratio = sum of daily position number for NEO holders/ sum of daily position number for all NEO users

The daily position number is based on daily snapshot of NEO.

  1. Distribution Time

Before 12am. of the second nature day in every month.

The statistics will start at the day one of Binance. The time of the first snapshot is 8am. on July 14th, 2017.

  1. Demonstration of the Rule

User A is in the scope of statistics, and A hold NEO for three days which have 30, 300 and 60 respectively. Therefore, the sum of daily NEO position is 390.

Assume that the total distribution number of GAS is 1000 in this month, and sum of daily position number for all NEO users is 600000;

Thus, the actual distribution number of user A = 1000*390/600000=0.65


Cant go wrong with holding both, great coins.


I have some neo, what I don’t like about it is that china is always spreading fud since over a half year.
Wish I had some ltc too it’s a great coin imo


12hrs ago NEO wad 1/2 price


I love neo, but one thing that concerns me is the indivisibility. If it keeps going up in price, wouldn’t that make it less affordable/desirable to a lot of potential buyers. Imagine if it was to hit 4 figures like ethereum, it would be out of reach for a lot of potential investors, especially if they want to DCA. Anyone else have thoughts on this?


Litecoin! Never trust a Commie.


nice little ltc pump there


But Putin is our friend.


I’ve got some LTC and rdy to sell them.


But you can buy NEO fractions on exchanges, so you can DCA, just withdraw when you have one full NEO, NEO withdraws have no fees on binance :slight_smile:


Yes but I think it will make it psychologically less appealing at some point. Let’s just imagine it went to $5k (extreme example). People who want to dca $100 per week into neo would have to wait a year before they had 1 coin they can move off the exchange, and that’s if the price doesn’t go up in the meantime. I think it would put a lot of people off. But I get your point they can still buy and sell if they keep it on the exchange.


Just want to say I realise 5K is an unrealistic price lol just making a point. Same logic for $1000


NEO. In my opinion NEO’s market cap will eventually be at parity with ethereum. So you’re looking at about 12x for NEO if ethereum didn’t move at all. However, let’s say ethereum ends the year at 4x what it is today, so you’re looking at about a 48x potential return for NEO. Of course, it might take more than a year for NEO to catch up with ethereum.


Yo, this is a great explanation, thanks so much man. I appreciate that you put time into this. :smiley:


LTC is a more stable coins (one of the most altcoins), but that’s more about our security concerns. In terms of a faster grow I think NEO has more potential these days. However, I would not underestimate LTC. As a started, I have started with LTC and have not been dissatisfied so far. However, am now considering buying and holding NEO as well.