NEO v. LTC - which one would you hodl?



Which would you rather HODL? A decent part of my portfolio is in LTC, but I was thinking of swapping a bit for NEO. I’ve always wanted to get into NEO, but don’t want to put anymore fiat in right now. Do you guys think it is worth the swap?


I would advise to get into NEO personally, I see it getting alot bigger in the coming years.


i think :neo: :neo: :neo: :neo: :neo:


This is a tough call I have split even between these 2 myself.


neo, why? I like green no financial advice :thinking:


neo. this is a no brainer. you get free gas and turn that gas into more neo.


Free gas? Tell me more


by staking neo, you get free gas. Look at the video peter did or just do like a 10 minute search on youtube.


I would ride the Neo train.


NEO, and earn some GAS on the process, Im mostly replaced BTC with LTC for everyday transactions.


seeing how both are down, would it be a good time to swap now? just like everything else, i’ve lost a good bit of value in my ltc, but figure it’s still an even swap since neo went down too. or should i wait it out a little?

do you get gas if you hold neo in binance?


Neo looks more promising to me with the upcoming icos


ending up swapping some ltc for neo. does anybody know if you get gas on binance? is it automatic?


I’m not sure you get gas if you’re NEO is on Binance. (I could be wrong, but when I first bought NEO I had to transfer it to a NEO wallet to start getting gas).


Yes Binance gives you GAS once a month.


I think both are solid choices but I prefer to HODL Litecoin. It’s a solid currency that’ll hold its value into the future in my opinion. And a lot of adoption coming in globally.


NEO all the way! :neo: :heart: :neo: :heart: :neo: :heart: :neo:


Gotta have me that NEO for sure!


I think the upside potential for NEO is way higher than LTC. :neo::neo::neo::rocket:


I partially diversified out of LTC into NEO during this dip.