Need some help for my python crypto bot


Perfect, going to re-write the code again and run it as soon as I get home and work on it for the next days. Thanks for your help!


Hope I was helpful somehow.
Please type the code back here. Curious to see how it ends up.
I will read it and will try to help you again.


For more deep comparisons, you may want to store these values in a sqlite db.


Hey I just saw this and sorry for digging up an old thread but wanted to share - I’ve used this python client with GDAX few months ago with good results. Made the coding a lot easier.

I can dig out some examples if you like. I just hacked something together on the fly to try it though so not very clean (I’m also not a programmer :slight_smile: )


Hey! Thanks for your answer! After this thread i started studying more Python and right now I’m making some tests with Bittrex Websocket api and other stuff. Of course I’d like to take a look at your work!


I’d hate to show that hacky program as an example of any “work” lol it was mostly just playing with the api working but if you intend to use it I can send you pieces. That’s cool if you’re doing it with bittrex, many more options on there. For me, the ability to trade with euro and ensure it doesn’t blow a pre-defined budget is important so gdax was the only way back then. I was also just starting out and intended to leave a program running 24/7 trading dips to accumulate pennies over time lol. I think it’s easier to just manually trade and use spreadsheets to keep track of currencies. I must try the bittrex api whenever I get time to look at it. :slight_smile:


Would be cool! Here is something that I found while making some research, you could find it extremely useful