Need Some Feedback: Tshirt Designs



Working on a small swag store… need some thoughts on positioning.

Was going to make some super-nice ones with American Apparel…

thoughts? want to keep these first ones simple and give them a test.


I like the last one but I think it needs to take up more of the shirt. I am a big guy so the bigger the logo the better advertisement. Use that billboard :smile:


I like the first one! but it would also be dope on the sleeve



Put a mini doge on each sleeve too !


There you go. Can’t wait to buy one.


Cool. I like the second to last. How about some Dry-fits for the gym? Life Time fitness regular here in the am since 2011.


In my opinion for the simple version at least, is to find a middle ground in size between the last two you posted.


3rd one! Though I wish it were more recognizable at a passing glance.


Yeah Third one with Jumbo logo is dopest.




i would 100% buy the first one, the small badge on the chest looks smart and professional, the big one looks good also but is more like a t-shirt you would buy with like a funny theme or meme, please do it in black, i only wear black :rofl:


I hope they’ll have it in XS. I prefer the one on the 3rd picture.



Any chance of doing singlets?! :sweat_smile::muscle:t4:


This is my opinion as well.


And make sure to order one in hot pink for @PaulAnthony :smile:


I think a light brown would work also as the main border is dark brown. I see the professional point of view but when I am wearing a t-shirt I could care less about the professional aspect thats what polo’s are for which would be a nice addition to the T-shirt. Something to wear to the conferences or work of which I would agree on the small chest logo. I also like the dry-fit suggestion.


A light “baby blue” would go nicely with the brown shades.


The first one is the boooooooooooomb


I like the third one!