My rig freeze after several hours


How do you point your mining rigs to Nicehash if you are using SMOS ? I would like to get paid in BTC that’s why I use nicehash


You just choose the algo you are wanting to mine and just point it at the NiceHash pool. I am at work and cannot access the NiceHash site currently to show you but on the home page where you select buy or sell there is a learn more button in the sell option. Click this then go to where it states Rig Farm then you select your algo to get the pool information. I have has some issues getting certain miners to work in SMOS but I have always found at least one miner that I can get to work. I am thinking this is more a user setup error and I just haven’t put the time into to figure each of them out. Once you get these setup its a matter of a drop down menu to change your miners to a different algo. For example for my 3 rigs on NiceHash have pretty much stayed on equihash algo as it seems to be really close to lyre2rev2 in profitability.

This picture is from whattomine. It shows 24c per day difference for a 6 card rig. I have found this to be a little high in the difference so if it says 24c then I divide that by 2 so in reality I am seeing about a 12c per day across a 6 card rig so 2c/card. Not a big enough change for me to worry about right now. I basically wait until it is like a $1 a day on the site before I change. Since I mostly run 3gb 1060’s Eth hash normally is not an option for me.

Hope this helps.


Thank you I will look into that :+1:


Last question can I use my bitcoin address to directly receive payout from nicehash or I need to put my nicehash bitcoin address ?


You can use yours but you have to look at the fee’s and payout schedules. Since they have free coinbase transfers I use my NiceHash BTC address and then on Friday’s I transfer from NiceHash to Coinbase. I do this because I cash out my electric bill at the end of the month. After Electric is accounted for I then transfer the remainder from Coinbase to my hardware wallet.


Alright so I am out of here.

I am sorry that I don’t have time to read every single message here. Instead of calling me unwilling to read, just mention the information again or mark the information that is given. The Brand of the PSU for example wasn’t given.
If you were willing enough to read my post carefully I talked about the brand “Antec” for PSU’s. It has for example a 5 pin connector that mostly overheats and causes a spark between two pins which will shut down the system. If he has activated the option “Restart after power loss” in the BIOS it mostly reboot and hangs in open CL building

But don’t mind me… I am just here since the beginning and have around 100GPU’s running 24/7 - Mr. Unwilling to read

cheers brother & good luck


20 years and never found event logs to be useful? You may not be aware of how to read and use the Event Viewer.
I have the same issue as this guy and I’m using Ubuntu 18.
I do agree SMOS is a possible solution, but this guy’s graphics driver is crashing obviously from the Event Viewer log and kernel dump he posted.


You can have the same issue on Linux, like I do right now with Ubuntu 18. Don’t expect magic to happen simply by switching the OS. The same system I have Ubuntu 18 on which is freezing, was stable under Windows 10 until the ETH DAG got to large for 1060 3GB GPUs. So the client asked me to put Ubuntu on the system and that is when the freezing started for me.


I just read the entire thread in no time. You can’t be so lazy if you are serious about helping people in this space or anything in life. You could learn some empathy and to have less ego about how great of a miner you are and how you been around so long. That kind of attitude doesn’t go very far in a team. Your questions were great, some of the information was already provided, some not. Subtract all the ego and there is still a lot of substance to be had.


For now I found that 1 card causing the freezing so I will return it and get a new one thank you :slight_smile:


Is it the card or riser? More often than not it is the riser and I have even had the experience of a riser not working with one card but works with another. I can’t explain it but it might help.


I already tested another riser I’m sending my GPU this week