My rig freeze after several hours


Sorry I don’t have a R9 290x and good point on SATA/Molex power cord I will try to link 2 GPU per cable.


Sorry getting confused on the troubleshooting threads.


after it freezes again and you reboot, pull the system logs in event viewer. its the best way of knowing what happened.


I will use event viewer if it freeze again thx for the info


No problem :slight_smile:


one question… Is your PSU from “antec”?
If it is, you are not allowed to connect a GPU with the 5 pin connector because the cables are to thin to stand the load of a GPU. That PSU isn’t good for mining.

Another thing i want to mention is that it is not really stable to connect with Teamviewer at the Windows 10 editions after the Intel update. it somehow causes a blue screen often.

Is it still causing problems after 5 hours ? If so please check your electricity settings in Windows…

I could help you more if you give me more informations like your drivers, which motherboard, which GPUs and your settings like how you control your fans/temperatures and which clockings.



I already mentioned my rig config, no overclock has been made and for PSU I have EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 80+ GOLD


just thought of another potential cause, when you did your hardware checks did you test the ram?


Yes I made a stress test for the ram it work fine, It may be windows is updating, now I changed regedit configuration to disable auto update.
I got this from eventviewer


From eventviewer an update was made at 6:50 pm and then the pc shutdown at 3:20 am I don’t know if this is possibly the reason for the freezing


Please read through the thread as most of that information is already given. I appreciate the willingness to help but am skeptical to those willing to help but are unwilling to read the thread to see what information has been given or what has been tried thus far. All GPU’s use either 6 or 8 pin connectors. I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to a 5pin connector.


i’m curious about that critical kernal-power error. that’s typically hardware related possibly overheat or maybe just a crap connection.
i’ve seen this several times in my line of work just being something that needs to be reseated (memory typically)


The problem happened again at 3:25 am :scream::sob:

Now I got more info from event viewer WTF all of this

I have also a bluescreen at 3:26 am


I am going to be honest in all my years of building PC’s going on nearly 20yrs now. I have never found event logs to be useful. So all of that above is just non-sense to me.

At this point @GhostLeader I would remove windows from the equation all together and install SMOS. I suggested this earlier but have not seen a response so I am assuming you haven’t tried this yet. This to me is an important step in trouble shooting mining rigs as it is a quick and easy step to determine if it is software or hardware issue. If the instability follows to SMOS then it is a hardware issue, if it becomes stable in SMOS then you know it is a windows/software issue.

All miners that use Windows should have a second trouble shooting USB stick with SMOS on it for this purpose.


I know but I don’t have my rig in front of me I can have acces to my rig this week end so I can’t put SMOS using teamviewer XD thanks for the advice anyway


SMOS installs on a thumbdrive so no need to worry about your windows install. It has a remote interface as it was designed to run on a headless system (no keyboard, mouse, or monitor needed). You can plug them in if you wish and/or access from any web browser. Its literally plug and play, installs its own drivers and when you set the miner up it installs the miner you selected on reboot.

Not having access to your machine is not a reason to not try this route as you need access to the machine for any hardware troubleshooting where you need to remove or reseat devices.

Anyhow if your not willing to try and plug in a USB stick to try and troubleshoot then I wish you the best of luck.


I will try SMOS, this is my last try with windows after that I’m going full linux, I just wished if there’s a system like nicehash on linux to mine automatically the most profitable coins :frowning:


Trying to chase the most profitable coin is a futile effort. The only reason to use NiceHash is to get paid out in BTC and simplify book keeping or you are new and just want to get up and mining some crypto. I use it for the simplified book keeping and it is my DCA for BTC. Since you are using NiceHash you really are not mining the most profitable coin you are just mining the most profitable algo based on what people are bidding on. Currently over the last week Lyre2rev2 has been the algo of choice but it is only a couple of cents/day more than the follow up algo and depending on what site you go to these may change. So unless you are mining and selling right away chasing the top most profitable algo/coin hourly or daily is futile as your time is worth way more than the extra couple of cents per day.

I use 7day averages for switching algo’s. All my rigs are pointed at NiceHash so that I can have 1 daily payout in BTC. I look at the 7day averages every friday to determine if I need to point them at a different algo. Sure I miss some of the daily spikes but everything averages out in the end. Only this way it is less stress and effort on my part which makes it more of a passive income generator.

Just my thoughts maybe it will provide a different perspective. As you scale and get more rigs this comes into play more and more. I know @8of10 uses extremely conservative overclocks to reduce effort also because at his scale trying to find the best OC for a couple of pennies more isn’t worth his time. Time is our most valuable currency so you have to evaluate that also.


check this out as well.

looks like you may have a security channel overflow (at 3:26:29am)


Also i do a mixture of mining and conservative trading , witch has worked out quite well for me in the past.I Definitely agree with @Nekko don’t go chasing the most profitable , Keep things consistent , that’s the path to success.