My rig freeze after several hours


I am pretty sure that you just had “Standby after 4 hours” activated…


oh i am sorry it is after 5 hours on your screenshot


Nah it happened today again :sob: i don’t understand this issue at all


I don’t think it’s was working for like straight 2 days and then freezed for no reason but i was checking my rig regularly with TeamViewer every 2-5h


what are your temperatures?


70°C max for GPU, 30°C for CPU I don’t think it’s linked to temperatures


whats your power supply? do you have a meter to tell what its pulling from the wall?


1300 watt and yes I have nothing from that side it was running like 2 days and now it freeze for no reason


it has a reason for freezing.

whats it pulling from the wall?


you mean how many watts I’m getting ?


You could also try different mining software like EBWF or Claymore mining to either Nicehash or Flypool


I will try that this weekend and see


yes I am asking how many watts its pulling from the wall. If you don’t have a meter to measure this, they can be acquired for about 15$usd off amazon or other sites. Very useful tool. If a power supply has to much draw on it, it can have inconsistent voltage on a line, which can lead to system instability.


I’m pulling 630 watts when mining


I have a TP-Link HS110 it can be connected to my phone when I’m not home and sending me feedback and TP-Link can’t be the problem because I was having the problem before using it


did you complete the 3 card testing of hardware to ensure it all works?

if its not a hardware issue,heat issue, or power issue. my next bet would go in software,drivers

only other thermal concern I can think of is parts of mobo, but I assume based on those temps that you airflow that would be cooling the components of mobo

I assume the bios of the cards is Stock?

You might want to try Smos or Linux if no traditional Diognostic meathods are working. Windows can sometimes be a bitch for no explainable reason


Yes I completed my 3 card testing and my rig was running fine with 4 GPU for 2 days and then tonight I got the freezing problem again and I’m running my gpus at stock no overclock has been made


I was having a similar problem mining rvn with 8card 1080ti using 2 1200 Corsair. I had to switch out one 1200 for a 1600 evga psu and the problem was solved. I figured it out using a meter at the wall on each psu to see how much the draw was.


Try removing your R9 290x. Mix rigs just cause all sorts of issues. The issues you are having do not lead me to believe it is the motherboard. It sounds like a bad riser, bad driver, drivers not getting along, or even power. You should only have two of these riser max per SATA/Molex power cord.

I mean if you want to go through the trouble of replacing the motherboard you can, but I highly doubt it is that.


I’m using a 1300 watt psu for 4 GPU I think that’s more then enough and my meter indicate only 630 watt is used so it is enough