My rig freeze after several hours



I try to build mining rig for the first time with Intel Pentium G4400, 4 x GTX 1070, 1300 PSU, 8 Go ram and Asrock H110 Pro BTC+.

After installing windows and nicehash I started testing my rig, I launched my mining with 4 GPU and after 4 hours this is what happen from nicehash

And my pc freeze there’s no output from the main GPU the screen is black and I can only restart the pc by forcing it.

Can someone please suggest me some advice from this I don’t understand what’s happening I’m trying to run 3 GPU and test If it’s a faulty GPU or riser.

Thank you.


Monitor the temperature on your GPUs and your CPU. I’m betting something’s overheating.


yeah I’m doing it right now hope I discover the problem before tomorrow I can only focus on it in the week end XD


I’m running for like 3 hours CPU temp 30°C and GPUs are max 70°C so I don’t think it’s overheating


What are you mining? What are your overclock settings? What software are you using?


It might possibly be windows updates 2.00am and 8.30am.


To me it seems like you have your power and sleep settings are set up to go to sleep after so many hours. change it to high performance and never on the monitor and never on the HDD.


I’m using nicehash, no overclock


It might be windows but I put resume update in my windows settings normally it will be paused until july XD


Yes I just activated this I hope it work thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to adjust your overclock settings. If you don’t you are not running your cards efficiently. That will also keep the temps under control. I use msi works great for my cards. Which algo are you using on nice hash. You need to overclock based on the algo.


I tried to use msi afterburner but no luck I still got freezing screen but now it’s not black it’s literally a screen freezing I still can view the last gpu/cpu temp but the pc is freezing and running at the same time do you think it can be a faulty motherboard ?


As @nra4ever stated you should remove your OC settings and just run them stock.

Has this mining rig ever been stable? My buddy after this last patch of windows is having very similar issues. We have basically ruled everything out except windows so when he gets time he is going to re install windows. With a new born this could be a week or so event.


Im running at stock but I got a feeling it may come from the motherboard it’s really strange why the screen is freezing the UI is still there and pc is running just the mining freezed XD I hope it’s from Windows but this is strange


It’s hard to describe but I’m getting like a last screenshot before the freezing and it stuck there and the pc isn’t responding to anything unless I forced to restart


I highly doubt this is hardware at all. If it was hardware you wouldn’t be running for 3-4 hours. This is a software issue. Try downloading and running SMOS instead of windows. If it runs just fine with SMOS then you know it is not hardware and it is software.


what are you using to monitor hardware temps? and what are the temps?

faulty mobo is possible but not the most likely cause of what you are describing.


Now my problem is solved I just turned it off and started a fresh windows install XD


I’m using MSI afterburner to monitor GPU temps, for CPU I use CoreTemp


So reinstalling windows fixed your issue?