My Gift back to the Pub - Hidden Gem - Horizon State ( HST )



I´ve send you a warm welcome in the telegram channel! :grinning::+1:


Thanks for the write up - I just bought some and joined the Telegram channel.


have I seen your band mate, im guessing its a punk outfit…
I used to love seeing punk bands at Retford Porterhouse,Sheffield Marples and later on Rock City…
plus everywhere in between…
Just saw Captain Sensible had his cherry red SG stolen…legend that fella… hope he gets it back…I know I dont look old enough! :wink::rofl:


Hi Scraggy
1977\8 I was in a band called the Social Rejects, we did a lot of gigging around the North West, mainly Liverpool/Manchester way, sadly we never made it up to Sheffield but what a time to be alive for the music & general Punk vibe, the best years of my life mate until I discovered Btc a few years back.

Pity about the Captain getting his SG nicked I saw the Dammed quite a few times at Eric’s great band to watch live as were most of them back in the day because they were fully into the music & lyric’s with meaning & a social comment to it.

An no you don’t look old enough mate, take care :sunglasses::+1:


That is great. Did you guys ever release a vinyl LP? If so if love a copy of 2.


We did a couple of things in the studio but it was only put down on reel to reel & some cassettes, hahaha I know but they were a thing in those days, I did managed to find one of the cassettes a few years back, it was in pretty bad nick but I managed to splice it back together & get some parts of a couple of tracks, I will dig it out and see if its worth a listen.

I stopped playing for quite a few years after the punk days but got back into it over the last couple of years, the recording software these days is something else & means you can produce studio quality sound with just a home PC, I have produced a btc song just need to finish it off & I will defo post that one on here. :+1::sunglasses:


Wow! I wish I could’ve seen those shows! I bet it was a freaking blast my type of music.


It was indeed a wild wild ride Jel, I wish they had camera phones in them days, I do have a couple of Polaroid:sunglasses::+1: pics somewhere.


I was early 80’s but in Chicago. Seen the Ramones a few times and a bunch of Punk bands in the bars, but nothing like I bet that was.


Yeah I used to go to a club in Liverpool called Eric’s, saw lots of bands who would go onto be big names, the Ramones being one, Dammed, the Clash,



I just listened to the Craig Cobb podcast with Jamie Skella, Co-Founder of our baby HST. So many gems to latch onto as to why this not just a good ( and I mean great) investment, but a necessary tech. Big launches in store for Indonesia, a country in perpetual political instability (watch Act of Killing) and unwavering corruption (seriously, watch Act of Killing). Jamie himself sounds moved/invigorated by the impact his tech hopes to have in Indonesia; that kind of passion I can stand behind. Overall, the conversation is very bullish both in terms social/societal impact and price action. #Vcool


Completely agree mate! great interview as well!
This is exactly it, the more i read about it. The more extremely bullish i become on this project!!


Guys. Here is a great interview of CryptoLark with Jamie from just yesterday. They go into the details of theire recent partnerships in Indonesia. (Biggest mass adoption in crypto until now!!)


Let’s spread this info like herpes. Any chance the pub can cause major fomo?


nice bit of buying this morning :slight_smile:


Jupp. I bought some more last night. Will be buying more on wednesday (payday) if HST is still under a buck each! Loving the discount!


Great news this morning.
HST is covered by Forbes magazine.

aLOT of media attention lately.
The rocket is rumbling…


I’ve done my due diligence, I like this price point, so I’m getting in. Thanks for this @Pheriannath!


Thats awesome mate… I loved those days too…tho thru playing guitar, I did end up at ACDC…the SG was my first guitar…Still got all my Punk Vinyl,just cant part with it.Thats why Im a strong hodl.

Bitcoin is defo the Clash of Cash!


Awesome! Price are great I completely agree!

For me personally, everything under 1$ is an absolute steal. under 0.75$ is a no brainer! I will keep filling my bags until the rocket leaves.