My Gift back to the Pub - Hidden Gem - Horizon State ( HST )



Thanks for this one. I sold x50 icx last night and headed over to kucoin and bought some. I’m up $7 dollars this morning. I did panic as put hts in search this morning on kucoin and nothing came up then realised lol. Thanks. Long term hold and will add in time.


Awesome mate! Great to hear! This is a project to be somewhat patient on, but when it starts moving. It will be a rocket for sure! I loaded up HARD and not selling a single coin until we reach 10$. But will hodl most until 30-50$ for sure!


Im in to hst, very cheap last year,so no worries…but
what concerns me and this is blockchain in general…what stops people from just copying?
I think its a great coin but noticed US gov’t departments basically replicating this for overseas military personnel to vote in local elections,which is great it could also be used for ex pats,etc…so if they just pinch the tech where does this leave the forerunners of blockchain voting?
This is a common problem for me throughout tokens,buying hoping large corporations would use them,but finding instead they are making their own as BMW have done recently with mobi.
Any thoughts mate…sorry if this is off topic.
If Peter reads this…any thoughts on the problem? cheers.


I have now bought some HST. I´ve been seeing you around the pub since the first day I joined I think. Always enjoyed your contribution. Thanks for this tip :slight_smile:


Liqudity is a big problem now man… What when you want to sell your volume? :slight_smile:


Awesome man! Really overwhelmed to see all the positive feedback. I honestly believe this project has such extreme potential. Its too good not so share.
Especially since i owe most lf my cryptowealth to peter and the pub!


Volume is absolutely low. They are working on getting other exchanges on board. But honestly when these clients are going to run on the platform with weekly usage, the volume will explode. With or without more investors, thats actually almost irrelevant in my opinion!


Ok! Any idea about timing? Weeks, months, years?


The apps for these 2 huge customers in indonesia are due to be up and running in June//juli i think! I am stacking up as much as I can.
If this project ever will reach 30$. I will be debt free for the rest of my life. I honestly think its rational to think this is possible :grin::+1:


Niceee! I have 0.8 ETH waiting to invest, not much i know.


It can make you wealthy one day!


As I musician I totally agree with you mate, the manipulation in the music industry is as bad as in Finance industry. keep music live :+1::sunglasses:


Now I have to sign up Kucoin


Am I missing a trick here? Why is it not problematic that HST is divisible and that HST holders have no influence on the vote to HST ratio?

Educate me :blush:


KuCoin is doing my head in… the purchasing mechanism is atrocious…unable to withdrawn from KuCoin…it says i need to verify by email hasn’t arrived tried 5 times…wtf…


tnx for the tip, i’m skipping this one, 20-40x is also possible with certain ico’s and there’s no guarantees that it does, this one might be too slow, but who knows

i can’t be arsed to send it to my kucoin account

hope y’all make a shitload of money with this


Fair enough brotha! So many possibilities out there! Not that many with an actual functional product and real use clients though :wink:


A client has a vote or decision making they want done for exemple for 100.000 people. Horizon State sets up a quote, say: 1million $. The client pays them 1mil$ and Horizon State buys HST for this amount ob the market at market price. This can be 1mil tokens. 100.000 tokens or 50. It doesnt matter. These tokens are then given to the client and these are used for the vote. Each vote required the exact amount of HST that has been purchased for each vote. This way, the price for voting for the client is not dependant on the actual price of the token, and the investors get incentice to invest and sell at a certain price on the market.
Makes sense? If not im sure the teammembers can give a better answer on their Telegram!


Really? Damn that sucks man. Ive been using Kucoin for a long time tp buy all the nep-5 tokens. Never had any issues!


Ask one of your friends to get Ref. link. It’s important at Kucoin. :slight_smile: