My Gift back to the Pub - Hidden Gem - Horizon State ( HST )



Finally got around to watching the CryptoLark interview. I’m now even more impressed and will buy some more tomorrow morning. Refreshing to see a ‘profit for purpose’ project moving forward with such assurance and integrity. Can’t wait to see this progress. Thanks for putting the spotlight on this. Viva la democracy!


Awesome Brett!, These guys are kicking it!!
I just looked at the volume again… 100k$ in the last 24h. LOL
only 6400 HST wallets in existance…

Remember these numbers in 2-4 months from now.

Why this isnt attracting more investors is mindboggling to me!


I just doubled my position :grin:


Hi Scraggyhound
It sounds like we must have been part of the same scene just in different parts of the country what a great time to be alive for real music.
Sadly most of my vinyl didn’t make it & went when the flat I was living in got robbed, also lost a lot of musical equipment at the same time, I hate thieving bastards that rob houses scumbags.
Ive got a couple of Clash albums a few other bits left now.


ahh,yes mate…for sure we was… awesome times for me,got sack from the band for not turning up to practise,discipline was and still is not my strong point… :joy:
Shame about the stuff being robbed…yep they are scum,its knowing they gave it all away for sweet FA thats the real kicker…
Hopefully Bitcoin can keep the revolution going…


I signed up on kucoin last night, will be buying tonight!


I bought some HST on Kucoin and tried to transfer them to my MEW wallet. The transaction says “succeeded” on Kucoin, but when I click to view the transaction, it links to and says “Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash.” Needless to say, the coins haven’t appeared in my MEW wallet. Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve only waited about 30 minutes, so I’m hoping the issue ends up resolving itself by tomorrow otherwise I guess a support ticket is the only way to go.


update: seems like the ethereum blockchain was just being slow. The coins just arrived to my MEW. Safe and sound. :slight_smile:


Pfiew, that caused some nerves probably? haha!

I never get at ea:rofl:se when trasnfering. Just transfered 9000 HST to my Ledger some days ago, longest minutes of my life!!


I wasn’t too nervous, as I’ve dealt with slow transfers before. The only thing that worried me was that it said unable to locate the transaction hash, which I’ve never seen before. Luckily the transaction wasn’t too large otherwise I would have been sweating much more.


I need to get a hardware wallet. I have some coins on exodus and some on exchange. You like the ledger?


Wow another great coin to get into…BZNT and HST… got some work tonight.


Thank you for getting me involved in HST, just picked up my first 2000 HST’s doing the same again tomorrow until I have 1 Btc worth then I am locking down & hibernating for a year, fingers crossed after that we wake up in hyper-space looking back at the earth. :grinning::+1::sunglasses:



You’ll be happy to know I finished my interview just a minute ago with Jamie :slight_smile:

Btw… this is going to be released 1 week early to first. Sorry public! You’ll have to wait!


Wohaaa soo awesome!!! Super excited to see the result!! :clap::clap::grin::heart:


hello, i can’t find this ERC20 - HST on Ledger support … i’m the same using Exodus and Binance, what to do ? i guess just leave HST in Cryptopia wallet ??


If you have a ledger you can store it on your ledger and access it through myetherwallet


I have nearly all my HST on my ledger as well!


I am a patreon but why cant I view this?


It isn’t up yet