My Gift back to the Pub - Hidden Gem - Horizon State ( HST )



Spot on mindset for our decentralized future!


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GET THE WHALES! asdf asdf


Thx for a great review :slightly_smiling_face:

How will their blockchain be secured? PoW or PoS? Is the blockchain decentralized? If this is going to be used for real they must proof beyond any doubt that their blockchain will never be hacked/manipulated and will be alive for ever. Governments will have a lot of safety requirements if they decide to use it.

What percentage of your portfolio is in HST as of today?


where do you buy HST from? its not on any of the larger more well know exchanges yet



yeah im specifically asking which one of these… just curious


I have only experience with Cryptopia. That one works fine.


dang this ICO price 4.5 cents… i missed my ticket :rocket:


great review. what exchange would you recommend for the coin?

So many coins so little fiat to buy them with argh!


90%-95% of the volume is on KuCoin guys! :slight_smile:


Kucoin is quite nice, I would suggest to stay away from Cryptopia (although nothing wrong with cryptopia)


just tried crytopia but cant seem to find where to trade. so kucoin is next. just need some fiat


Im out on the road at the momentguys!! Will answer all questions shortly!


as peter once said, blockchain is ideal for usage scenario where it concerns privacy, so maybe this is a good example


another way of saying it is: “blockchain shines in industries where there is low transparency.”
so winner.


I think we can all see this is a great project. And honestly, the more you read about it, the more you see how amazing it is. However, as @RVN3i well stated, they are not so good at marketing to possible investors.
@peter Would this be interesting to get one of the guys on for an interview? One of their founders, Jamie Skella is an absolute blockchain ambassador and a great personality. I could probably arrange an interview, but not sure if that is interesting for you :slight_smile:


They dont run on their own blockchain, they use the Ethereum blockchain. However, these new customers will create more Ethereum based wallets then exist not in total! ( LOL ). So they are looking at other possibilities if they get actually too large for the ethereum network ( what a luxory to have !! )

I started off having this to be 10% of my portfolio in December. At the moment, its probably more like 40%. Just because for me this is the most secure investment with the highest possible gainz. I even sold my precious NEO for it, which i promised i would never do! hehe


Interesting. What percentage of your portfolio is in it?


I would suggest Kucoin! they have 90% of the volume ( coinspot buys via Kucoin as well ),
I would also suggest to place buy orders below the ask price. The volume is SO low at the moment that you can pay premium if you place market orders.

The team has confirmed they are in talks with at LEAST 3 exchanges to be listed. It just takes some time.