My First rig up and running


@CryptoMom hope you don’t mind the shout out in my vid for your delicious juice lol!


cryptojacking: are you mining monero??? is it a thing??


had sound issue on the last one not quite right I think I fixed it on the next one. I’m building a new pc soon to fix the inconsistencies. lol


love cheaper gpus to buy!!! buy the dip guys lol!!!


whats your thoughts


Nvidia going away from mining. What’s your thoughts?


whats your thoughts on asics?


Do you know if your mining monero? If you were could you tell?


Are you still mining today? I am for my future!!


Great piece on a 51% attack. ty @CryptoMykel


Your welcome gotta keep and eye out for the OG BTCP Pub miners!


this is why I’m here and willing to help back. all this good info!!!


for all you green energy ppl. lol this one is cool if it works long term.


worried about ethereum??? well they might be delaying the hard fork till next year. for us miners this is a good thing!!!


as peter would say. Stay Frosty Out There Guys!


O no the church is doing something wrong!! are they mining for them selves or to help the ppl?? possible shots fired lol!!!