My detailed review of Profit Trailer & its strategies a brilliant crypto bot for Binance, Bittrex Poloniex


This article is the ultimate guide to Profit Trailer on the internet. No one else has provided as much information in one go about what it is, the different settings, and how to use it effectively. I am am an experienced botter and trader and have far more knowledge than most users and have conducted hours of tests as well as analysing price movements and hundreds of charts. This is pretty much everything you need to know to get you to make money with Profit Trailer stripping away the mystery and showing you what a devastingly powerful tool it can be.

For those of you looking for a way to automate trading 24/7 in your sleep, I’ve written a very detailed review full strategy guide of Profit Trailer on my site and on Medium.

In summary, not everyone uses bots, but those of us that do realise the advantages of using one.
It is my belief you should have a mixed strategy to get the best gains- that’s part HODL, part ICO and part trades.

Profit Trailer can really help with the trading part, I’ve used a few bots before but this is the best of all. As it happens I am a relatively experienced trader, but in general I do not daytrade, in any given week I make very few trades myself, sometimes none at all why? Because it requires a lot of discipline and is quite draining. When I do pick trades myself I pick high probability setups. I think I could possibly out trade Profit Trailer at certain times, BUT I could not out trade it over the long term, and the way I actively manage Profit Trailer which I go into extreme detail on my Medium article I combine the best of both worlds.

Profit trailer absolutely kills it when the market is good, but also has a huge host of safety features for when the market turns, and if you know how to use them and how I explain exactly how you could do too in my Medium article, you can really protect yourself in corrections and even extreme crashes. A very important aspect up and coming and amataur traders don’t get is risk management and Profit Trailer has a tonne of safety features to help mitigate risk when the market turns, it’s my eyes and ears and without it I’m wthout my most vital early warning system. My starting point is always risk management. By my count I have survived 4 crashes of varying degrees, and only the January-Feb crash led to a month where my BTC balance and USD of my account was not significantly higher than at the start.

I even had a month where my holdings increased by a factor of over 500% (December 2017) on Binance– from 0.15 btc to 0.85 btc! Of course you will not have such unusually large gains as often as that, and that huge growth was of course in part to BTC and altcoins booming in the leadup to Christmas. During bearish times you will of course not be getting such returns but even so in my other primary trading account on Bittrex, which has grown a lot slower I have steadily had gains from 20-50% in most months, and there were even days where I was doing 8-10% gains on Binance!

Profit Trailer is a very intelligent and streamlined bot with numerous buy and sell stratgies with trailing buys and trailing stops for selling integrated. It also has a big community of active users who are constantly helping to improve it. Elroy the creator is one of the best developers I’ve encountered, especially comparing it to other bots which are underdeveloped, or where the developers are not so professional or fail to resolve important bugs. Profit Trailer is an excellent customer experience too. Above all it works as you would expect it to once you understand the parameters, unlike other bots Ive used which make inconsistent decisions Profit Trailer is stable and smooth, and constantly being improved updated. Some of the smartest people in the crypto trading community (outside of Trading View) are within our walls.

Now reposted and updated on medium with screenshots showing my entire sales log from December!!
Profit Trailer, cryptocurrency trading bot for Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex!

My original article with links to Trading View scripts and much more can be seen here.
Profit Trailer Bitcoin Bot


I’ve updated the article now to include more information about settings, risk management etc, take a look if you haven’t already, any questions feel free to ask slight_smile:


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Why does Profit Trailer lose BTC and the profits it shows keep going up?

Can someone please help me understand Profit Trailer trading strategy? It seems to only lose money.

Using BTC as a base coin (not even comparing to USD yet) then the object is to earn more BTC by trading alts. Only you get bagged up if BTC goes UP OR DOWN! I understand settings are important and you have to stay on top of them adjusting all the time. I am not talking about that.

In order not to get bagged up you have to keep only a small amount in Profit Trailer trading at any given time. Which means, if you can get it to profit, those profits are very small. And you could just buy and hodl BTC instead and come out ahead without Profit Trailer.

It seems any settings can only make money if BTC is going sideways. There are people who publish their earngings all the time. And their BTC amounts just keep going down while their daily earnings showing on PT are going up. That simply doesn’t make sense.

I guess I just don’t understand how PT makes a profit any better than anything else?


I heard a bit different meaning at this article


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