Morpheus Network - Optimising Global Trade


My first (and only so far) ICO investment is Morpheus. Thought I’d set up a thread in case there are other fans or people curious. Here’s the first MVP walkthrough. I’m excited.

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Nice interface, and interesting partnerships. Thanks for sharing, Brett :slight_smile:


Truckin’ along


“One month after the completion of its successful token sale, global supply-chain disrupter Morpheus.Network has announced that is has partnered with award-winning payment processing platform, AccessPay.”


Thanx Brett. I love Morpheus :slight_smile: Great use case for the blockchain, good team and news all the time. Very low market cap. Its just above ico price now. I think this project has a great future.



My one and only ICO investment, Morpheus, have been quietly achieving!

Recent partnership announcement with SWIFT payment platform AccessPay and now announced 20 Major Shipping Company Integrations: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Australia post and more.

They’ve built the necessary connectivity to the APIs for all these logistics companies.


accumulating in this down trend, very promising project