Morpheus Network - Optimising Global Trade


My first (and only so far) ICO investment is Morpheus. Thought I’d set up a thread in case there are other fans or people curious. Here’s the first MVP walkthrough. I’m excited.

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Nice interface, and interesting partnerships. Thanks for sharing, Brett :slight_smile:


Truckin’ along


“One month after the completion of its successful token sale, global supply-chain disrupter Morpheus.Network has announced that is has partnered with award-winning payment processing platform, AccessPay.”


Thanx Brett. I love Morpheus :slight_smile: Great use case for the blockchain, good team and news all the time. Very low market cap. Its just above ico price now. I think this project has a great future.



My one and only ICO investment, Morpheus, have been quietly achieving!

Recent partnership announcement with SWIFT payment platform AccessPay and now announced 20 Major Shipping Company Integrations: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Australia post and more.

They’ve built the necessary connectivity to the APIs for all these logistics companies.


accumulating in this down trend, very promising project


After a few scary securities issues (resolved) Morpheus have selected as their cybersecurity provider. (platform that connect Morpheus.Network with thousands of independent security researchers from around the world to ensure that our code meets the highest standards of security.)

Token swap now complete.

Flagged imminent announcement of multiple partnerships and new developments that will mark their first concrete strides into the supply chain ecosystem.

As with all ICOs you just never know what will come of it. So, whilst I believed in the project, I kept some healthy detachment from outcomes. But I’m impressed with how everything progressed, and by their great responsiveness to my queries as a newb getting into my first ICO.

Feeling good about this quiet achiever.


how much was it during the ICO?


50 cents per token


Latest Morpheus news. Karl McDermott comes onboard. Karl He founded and developed several successful companies including Biis Logistics, BIQ, and SSE group. At Karl’s most recent business venture, founding Biis Logistics, he built an ecosystem of 300+ carriers and 3000+ truck operators whose customers include Estee Lauder, Sephora, and Alsea (Starbucks).


Dan keeps edging forward bit by bit. Go Dan!



@BrettRobin I’ve started looking into Morpheus network.

  1. What’s your opinion on adoption of the Morpheus Network (seems to be targeted for America)?
  2. Where do you purchase/exchange your MRPH tokens? Seems like IDEX is one of the few exchanges that you can get some MRPH tokens.
  3. Their roadmap doesn’t have a lot of details. Do you know of additional details of their roadmap?


Hi, good questions, and, as I’m pretty green in this space, I don’t have many answers sorry!

I got my tokens from the initial coin offering. IDEX is the only place, as far as I know, to get tokens at the moment. You’re right about the roadmap. I’ve been listening to a few of the videos on their youtube channels. This one goes into a little more detail on how it works.

I think next year when they do the global launch, we’ll get more of a sense real world adoption: how much, how fast and if they can start generating profit. You know how it is with ICOS, it might go nowhere, and it can take a year (or years) to start seeing hard proof that it’s going somewhere. They’re up against some big, long term players, though they say that they’ll be able to add value to many of the established players (rather than trying to usurp).

My research doesn’t extend beyond the basics E.g. morpheus youtube, telegram, website, medium… which means I’m taking a lot on trust (and haven’t invested much dosh - might add to my bag next year if things start looking solid)… So, if you do dig up anything (affirming or concerning) please do share it on this thread.


Thanks for the response @BrettRobin.

Outside of what you’ve mentioned, it’s hard to find further information about morpheus network (or any other crypto token). Though their example looks very promising. I’ll investigate a bit more. If it looks interesting, I’ll probably invest a little bit.

Looking at how shipping is handled at work, any updates to supply chain will vastly improve work efficiency.


"Cubic uses its industry expertise to identify the best warehouse for its clients and negotiate all aspects of the contract and subsequent service with the warehouse owner. Cubic’s use of the Morpheus.Network platform will allow them to optimize various processes with One of the first adaptations will be within the payment mechanism, where fiat and cryptocurrency-based payment systems will be implemented for client convenience. The payment system is being developed through our partnership with the 2017 Swift GPI award winning payment processor AccessPay. The multi-flow payment system will result in savings and increased speed on domestic and international payments sent and received, as well as the ability to accept a wider variety of global currencies. This blockchain-based system will also streamline how Cubic deals with SAT and PECA duties, taxes, and payments to service providers.

Following these financial improvements, Morpheus.Network and Cubic will begin work on document/contract generation and their operation through a blockchain-based ledger, cryptocurrency payment solutions, and smart contracts."


Platform is coming along nicely all on track for the global launch.


Morpheus keeps working away at it. Go Morpheus, the quiet achiever. Global launch 2019!