Mining Challenges


Hey, crypto nation!

I wanted to ask all of you professional miners here what are some of the biggest challenges you have maintaining productive miners? Is it climate control (temp/airflow), or getting the miners running again after lockups? Maybe you don’t have the flexibility to easily switch your rigs to mine the most profitable coins? Is getting enough, or managing power a problem for you? I’m just interested in what types of problems the pub encounters on the day to day mining grind.


Great question!


I would say that the biggest challenge is keeping the rigs running. There are so many things that could bring your rig offline. Those things include but are not limited to:

  • Power Outage
  • Miner Error
  • Overclocking issue
  • Mining pool availability
  • Internet Connection

The challenge comes in being able to monitor the mining rig at all times and being able to prepare for the above circumstances.

Power outages can typically be overcome by setting BIOS to reboot upon power connection. Some of the other items take hands on tinkering. Miner errors can sometimes go unnoticed. For instance, @8of10 has developed a system that monitors the effort of the rig (correct me if I’m wrong 8of10), if it senses a significant change in traffic, it automatically restarts to rig.

So when mining, the biggest challenge is staying vigilant, monitoring the rig for performance changes so that the rig is always running and is running at it’s full potential.


This is good stuff!

I agree with many things that could go wrong with mining rigs. I am going to see if I can identify active methods for monitoring 24/7 and create reaction procedures for things that can’t be controlled.



I have to agree with @ImaginaryPi

The device that i made monitores two things Network availabilaty ( A simple Ping) and the real Power consumtion , if there is a dip of over 50% for more than 5 minutes then the rig gets powered off and after 10 sek on again. btw im in the process of building the next version to handle 16 rigs up to 48 rigs


Hi Bitnative
Just wondering what your thoughts would be , how you want to monitor the rigs ? The solution i have , is monitoring the power consumption + pinging the miner to see if it responded . The only problem is I’m using a Arduino yun , or Leonardo eth to do this , and it would be nice to have a nice web GUI but for that you would need a raspberry pi and my knowledge of the pi is limited. The controller board I’m currently developing could be easily connected to the pi because I’m using SPI and a serial port for communication. If there would be interest in the pub for something like this , we could come up with a plan , I can provide the current development with the PCB design , just would need a good programmer for the PI .


I was thinking of a Supermicro X9S board with IPMI and 7 pcie slots. You can get the ram and cpu for under 50, and the board for under 200. I’ve fallen in love with ipmi on my servers, so having it on a miner would be great.

To the OP, the biggest obstacle for me was setup. Configuring, tweaking, building. But once it was all setup it ran extremely well.


has difficulty being increasing dramatically for you guys? I have 6x 580 Rig (each 30.5 MH. Total 183 MH) So I used to get 0.2 ethereum in 10 days but since end of january it became like 0.2 eth almost in 14 days.

6 x RX 580 8gb GPU
30.5mh each gpu. total 183 mh.
using nanopool

edit: How are your results?



Yeah I remember the nice PCB you created and connecting it with your ledger cable.

You have my interest! I’m always looking for fun projects like this. I am actually looking at ESP8266 nodes that connect to a central RPi via LoraWAN. LoraWAN adds a little more distance and security than Wifi, while reducing the wires. I currently use a RPi and ESP8266s for my irrigation system that provides a GUI and interface to Alexa. I use MQTT for the sensor traffic backend because it’s easy to work with. Do you have a RPi? I think it would be cool to work on a plan. I have enough RPis and Arduinos for both of us.

Below is my temp/humidity testing on the left and the new ESP LoraWAN board on the right.



I have noticed that as well. I am also using nanopool.


Toughest part for me now is getting more ASICs and GPUs!

Inventory and now that the market has been down I do not have as much spoils to upgrade.

And now Baikals are 6x what I paid for mine!

You know what tool I love, mining rig rentals. I hardly use their rental service as much as I use their monitor, reporting and pool management tools.

It has been nice for pools that do not notify when you are down, switch in priority order when the pool fails and also remotely change pools without needing access inside.

They have saved me some headache for sure.


wow that sounds cool, i have been using the arduino for years but when it comes to the RPi there im quite a noob ( i only program industriel PLC`s or C++) , i think it could be a cool project. For the future board i will be using the MCP3208 for analog read (power consumption) , and the hc595 (relay control) as an digital out shift register. Maybe we could ask the pub if they have any ideas what they would want to have if there would be interest out there for an open source project?

i have a few laying around :grinning:

with some spare parts :grinning:


For monitoring why try to reinvent the wheel? I use one of these per rig

Bit of a pain to set up initially but when running they work great. The SW allows you to monitor all individual GPU’s, an executable file such as Claymore or a lock up. It works by detecting HDD activity and if there isn’t any i.e. a lockup it reboots the rig.

These combined with smart plugs to monitor power… there’s nothing to worry about. If the rig does crash simply jump on the app on your mobile ( or create a automated reboot via an API ) and switch the plug off / on again. as long as the rig is set up correctly, voila… back to earning the dolla…
If your willing to wait the mandatory 2 months for delivery from China they are very really cheap.


Here is my list of the top 4 things you will run into when running a small farm…

  1. Power

  2. Heat Distribution

  3. Monitoring

  4. a way to restart remotely

    When I started mining I had 2x 20 amp circuits in the basement of the house we lived in. They were filled up VERY quickly ha ha!! I then started moving miners around the house. 2 went into the garage then 1 in the dining room (which drew a that’s the last straw look… No clue why… not like we used that room!). We have since built a new home and I ran 2x 30 amp 240v lines in the basement. Now I have 8 rigs running on 1 circuit with no issues. It is WELL worth the investment to have an electrician set you up on 240v! Your rigs run about 3-5% more efficient on 240v over 120v.

    Our old house was a 2 story with half basement. I basically left the basement door open and it felt like a blast furnace down there. Easily over 80 degrees with 4 rigs running. Then when I branched out to the garage the door to the garage from the house had to be left open as well. The Air conditioner ran non stop even on cool days. Our new home is a ranch style with full basement. The rigs keep it around 70 degrees in the heart of an Ohio winter. The plan is to install a shed with good ventilation for summer.

    Monitoring… When I started mining last year I found a program called “Minerstat”. The program worked pretty well and has a watchdog installed that will restart a miner that is hung up. That was a HUGE bonus for me. I have since moved on to Awesome Miner. This is one of the best programs I have found and its a one time fee depending on how many miners you are running. I can teamview into my computers and make changes on them from around the wold (I have actually changed coins/pools while on a Baltic Sea Cruise several months ago) I strongly recommend this program and no I get no kick back from you using it… Its just so good I would highly recommend it!

    I ran into a problem with rig restarting or Windows updates and things like that. Also buying and plugging in the stupid power buttons became a pain in the butt… I now have a Remote Rig Restarter from Simple Mining. I love it!!! I can run 8 rigs off one Rig Restarter. I can log in remotely to one of my computers and restart or power off any of them from anywhere in the world.

Hope this helps!


Hi Pigsfoot
I’m not trying to reinvent the weel, just improve it , I have a bunch of those monitoring devices , also 20 or more smart switches .
The thing is I don’t want to have 10000 plugs , Kabels and gadgets. I can’t even use a plug , because I direct wire the psu’s to the power distribution , less danger of fire and fail . I want , and I’m already building a central unit to monitor and control everything, power consumption, and network availability, also if I want to turn them completely off . The hardware side is no problem, it’s the api where I would need some help , and because it would be Open Source everyone who has a mining farm can profit from it .


If you are interested, have a look of what my mining farm progress looks like , here the Linkin the pub



I will take a look at Minerstat.


Keeping the Chinese away from my nodes, and trying to mine one of every coin in Coinami.


You can program on the Pi in C. There’s just more prebuilt code for Python to make it easier for new programmers. The Zynq boards are pretty cool too.


@nathan you are right about that. That is what makes the RPi so great. You can develop in just about any language. Which Zynq board would you recommend to someone that has used ARM boards, but wants to learn more about FPGA?