Minimalistic crypto/pub wallpapers - et



hi brewnz!

which one were you referring to?


i think i love this one more!



@brewnz was it this one?

if so its now done. :explopants:


OMG! :smiley: Thanks @erics.

the spaceman doge combo, we agree to disagree. see you around the pub!

yop there are 3 moons there … what coins are they?


only one superior coin.


You asked for minimalist. Well it doesn’t get more minimal than 1’s and 0’s, so here you gooooooo!!!

For those who like white:

And for those (like me) who like it dark:

Checkout some other wallpaper I made in this thread: Help Wanted: Community Wallpaper and Graphics


so it seems bearish market.

decided t design a “BEARISH” wallpaper quite proud of this one :love_you_gesture:


might make a bull one next


Whether bear market or bull, when it comes to Bitcoin, you only do ONE thing: HODL!

PS: Being a Photoshop hobbyist I tried the best I could with this, but wasn’t getting the shadows I needed on the fingers. Maybe someone can take it to the next level.


In your crossword what is the vertical one “CryptoLogy” cannot say I have ever heard of this term.



LMAO - Its too early I read it as crypto-logy as if logy was some acronym, not cryptology one word.


hehe all good :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


developing in my illustrator skills! was pretty interesting and fun to see the shapes i could make

some odd reason it wont export out being centred…