Minimalistic crypto/pub wallpapers - et



thanks brother, motivates me to hear that!


Happy Chinese New Year guys!


YEAR OF THE DOGE had to be done!:

i think this is by far my favourite creation! :troll:


Love the Hulk smash. Could you revers the black and white? Not a graphic artist here I play in power point and MS paint hehe.


normal variation


Do you mean like this?

Clean version without peters face lol.


You rock thank you. The white just hurts my eye’s. Background is now in use.


Do people want black variation for other wallpapers please let me know.

Thanks @Nekko for suggestion!


for our 2 bro’s @john @peter

yes or no? lol…


what other anime you guys want? lol

one punch man?
mob ?
one piece?

open to suggestions!


one punch man, ftw.!


Shall be done. You remind me of
Kid emperor

Oh shit I just thought of a reallllly good one to make lol! A few actually

Once I come back from work


i tried doesnt seem very good…
cryptoyum is hard to create something think 4 hours sleep has me brain dead lol… back to work again soon :cryingjordan:


todays minimalistic design
i might focus more on these instead. im loving it.
let me know if you dig this type of designs instead?



trying that neon design! what you think? looks better when its small dont know how i should do that…

This is way more suitable for mobile wallpaper! Until I find how to scale the image down it would look better then


Nice work, @erics :slight_smile:

I like the dark wallpapers – easy on the eyes.


ill try make both variations depending on what the theme is. oh thats motivating to hear!


just realised that shit aint even centred lol. fix:



This one is aweeeseeeeem!

Any chance you can send through an inverted / black background version? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: