Minimalistic crypto/pub wallpapers - et



Here are some wallpapers i made, i am new to photoshop and “designing” lol… hope they are HD looking… lol


valley of honor in WoW, walked around looking for a empty building with bar. see the korea bbq :wink:


love to see more folks create some others too! thanks for doing this @erics!


there were also some ones here too:


hooking the nation up with another design i made!

let me know if you use it would motivate me!


Its my new wallpaper now. Nice and clean :slight_smile:


If you can fit a doge face in there it would be perfect…


Lol why i was thinking the same thing :smiley:


It is a real deal :+1: I like it. It is now my desktop wallpaper :bitrocket:


I for sure thought I’d see one with a white Lambo on the left and a black Cooper on the right :joy:


morning @peter here you go captain


perfect. now i can make this my bg. lol


ahhh, pub love is real. :heart:


It’s now the wallpaper for the stream tonight too :slight_smile:


Dogenaut :doge::rocket:


yooooooooooo, saranghae oppa lol.


@erics, just had a look on YouTube and it looks amazing :wink:

I am putting on my laptop tomorrow. :+1:

Actually thinking this would look shit hot in a frame, up in my study room. :ok_hand:


Thanks brother!
I was thinking the same thing with framing it. I love minimalistic designs!

So motivating :man_technologist:t2:


YOOOOOO SMASH THE LIKE! @peter hulk mode.


these are clean :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: