Mike Fishy and Automation System Programming (Bots)


Do a cap raise and build a company out of it. I know people in Aus who’d invest.


Or a forex thread…while BTC is dormant… to introduce the working way of the Bot… :wink: :joy:


Hi Mike, long time follower of this thread.

Please let me know if I can be any help to you.
I am in Australia and would like to help contribute to the code base.
Perhaps you could share some of your problems you are having with & we can share our solution(in code).


OK, my bot is complex and needs too much work.

If we were to create a much more simple bot that could be run yourselves, what platform would you like to use?

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux
  • Mobile

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Lets see what comes up and I can create a new Github and start pushing framework and how-to stuff.

Edit: I put mobile in there, but to be honest, not a good choice for running a bot, but I’m interested to see what people would like to use.


Mike Fishy


What is the bot written with?


I was thinking of just using PHP, which is great to prototype in as it is so quick to code.
Then once that part is together, it will depend on the platform.
Or maybe could go multi-platform and use Java, but Java is not very reliable…

All up in the air at the moment, will accept what the majority would like as I can code in 26 languages on multiple platforms, so I don’t really care.

However, community effort, so it is not what I want, it is what you guys want.

Stay Fishy


What can we, non-coders of this community, do to contribute? I could have a case of beer delivered to your doorstep, at the very least! :beers:


Hi Mike,
Java is probably what the most majority can code in.
As far as mobiles go, it will not be reliable to run the bot on a mobile in my opinion.
You could even go full javascript with node js backend. So we can have 1 language to maintain frontend and backend.


I’ll be happy to contribute to Github ! :smiley:
(Well depending on the language of course. I’m not a polyglot like Mike, but I know 5/6 languages I would say) :slight_smile:
(JS, python, ruby, golang, java…)


All good and even non-coders can contribute with helping on decisions and testing, documentation, feedback and so on. Thats what a community effort is about, everyone is useful.

I think this thread is a bit long in the tooth, maybe we should start a new thread and do this.

Also, please have a think about what Exchange to use for the Bot, I would personally prefer one that doesn’t require KYC rubbish even if it has a 2 BTC limit. So it doesn’t have to be Binance, it could be any Exchange with an API, like KuCoin or Cryptopia, both of whom don’t require any KYC to sign up and get going with small amounts.

Now, 2 BTC limit is per day, which for many people might be a lot.

So hands up for new thread and poll for an Exchange?

Javascript/Node.js is fine for me, but might be a little complex for the non-technical.
As long as we also do step-by-step for newbies, I’m ok with it.

Stay Fishy


I would love to get a bot up and running!


Pardon my absence, but I’m definitely interested in working on something here. I have been slammed with dealing balancing a destroyed house (and returning it to livable conditions) and contract work, so have not been active around the pub much lately.

If language doesn’t much matter, then how about Ruby? I have a large part of the framework in Ruby already built as part of putting together the open source Prospero portfolio management app that is coming.

So if it’s in Ruby, I’m inclined to help build together on this side of the project. If it’s in PHP, well, let’s just say, I’m not a fan even though I’ve built more than a few WordPress plugin’s in my time and think it’s a solid language. I’m just a “good developer” in most other languages, but a master developer in Ruby and just absolutely love building and thinking in Ruby.

At the moment, I have exchange API’s for Binance, Bittrex and Kucoin. I have some tie-ins to Cobinhood, Trade Satoshi and began to do a Cryptopia one as well. Binance’s integration is pretty tight because it’s by far and away the most reliable and responsive.

There’s no reason Prospero can’t handle both portfolio management and algo trading, I just wasn’t going to get into to open sourcing and maintaining a trading platform because that’s a lot more time intensive and time sensitive with the app’s decision making tooling with a lot more things that can go wrong in the process.


I would love for it to be written with Ruby. Love writing Ruby.