Mike Fishy and Automation System Programming (Bots)


Indeed! I’ve already begun thinking of better ways to build out the bots I’ve been working on from what @Mike_Fishy has shared.

Not quite done with the entry decision making bots that find great set ups, but In the meantime, I came up with a new one called “Hawker” for coins that are just going insane lately, like ONT. I call it the “Hawker” and his job is to sell at the highest price possible, without letting price regress too much. Basically, I do the TA to decide likely range of the price spikes and I set a target price accordingly. If the ensuing action breaks out and drives towards that price, it sells as soon as met. If it climbs high and starts to retrace, then sell out at some percentage of that retracement (right now, I’m trying Fibb 0.286 as the threshold retracement range).

The most interesting thing about building bots is that it absolutely forces you to break down to finest details what you’re otherwise doing when conducting TA on the charts and making assessments on what’s about to happen. I also find myself getting better at defining precisely my exit strategies at the outset of every trade.

So from that standpoint, writing your own bots makes you a better trader. And Fishy, #3, “Bots can help stabilise the market and reduce massive falls” belongs in both categories because bots both contribute to destabilizing as well as stabilizing markets. I think principally, bots provide liquidity.


Ok so, Australia is like WTF? Seriously, Mr. Lang I’ve been considering this idea of replication. You are trying to hard code your TA/Personality/Approach/etc into a robot to automate yourself, your skill set.

I’ve been thinking about attack vectors and scams lately. I’ve BSed about scamdroid (mostly as a troll) but I love thinking about adding scam data and even pump dump datasets to robots that recognize shennanigans and $$$ in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go F yourself internet


Consider taking the volatility such as true range or average true range, or even some measure of standard deviation. I find the average true range works quite well. Fibs are OK but typically the 50/61.8/38.2 are most robust from my experience.


Good point there. I’ve been messing around with Chandelier Exits, but so far, haven’t quite found the right range and multiplier on this indicator that works well with cryptos.



Chandelier exits are always good. The challenge is what length of the ATR will you use? If trading daily time frames, 20 day look back is default. Intraday, well it all depends.

You could consider multiple chandelier exits with different tolerances. Ie exit a small portion that runs a shorter look back ATR and then run longer look back ATR on that chandelier that exits the remaining portion if the close of that candle is < chandelier exit trigger. Something to that effect. Obviously slippage needs to be taken into consideration because i can only imagine some of these more boutique type of coins wouldn’t have the best of spreads.


You know you are in a market dip when even the bots go ALL IN!

Deffo going to the moon on the next wave \o/


Stay Fishy


This place never ceases to unearth gems…
I have no idea what your doing and have only just found this…
But i recognize awesome ability when I see it… :+1:


Awesome stuff. Are you crossing the spread on these or sitting on the bid/ask waiting for fills?


The bot places bids/asks and checks to ensure they complete.
If they dont complete, there is a bunch of rules to take care of things.
For example, if a bid order doesn’t fill in 20 mins, it cancels it and looks for the next entry.
If it partially fills, it works the price to get it filled every 5 seconds (adjusting price based on a set of rules and risk limits I set). Same with asks, it tries to get the most and works it down as necessary within a different set of rules to ensure maximum returns.

The bot code is currently a little over 610Mb of source code and is up to version 212. I keep tweaking it almost every day though.

Stay Fishy


Hi Team,

Added two new functions to my bot over the weekend, lots of code as usual.

The new functions basically track USD value and additional trending information.

For a Monday, the market seems awfully quiet, which I’m finding quite surprising, volumes are way down.

Anyways, some are up, some are down and some are flat (not doing any real volume at all).

On a side note, the advancements being made by many of these projects has been amazing. New partnerships, mainnet launches, new listings, new features (like consensus algorithms) and technology (like distributed data share smart contracts).

I’m totally surprised the market is so slow compared to the advances many of these projects are making and the announcements of new tech and features hasn’t slowed down at all. It’s almost like people have given up speculating and gone to full HODL mode on many of these projects that are doing some awesome tech and partnerships lately.

Perhaps this is a good thing :smiley:

Stay Fishy


I think the assumption is that all the tech will work when the ICO goes > 20x so it’s all downhill after that.


@Mike_Fishy I think volumes are way, way down because of Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S. Many people began their vacationing this weekend or all outdoors sprucing up the place, opening their pools, doing their first BBQ, and so on.

But what seems more to your point though, major bot activity seems way down, as though the bigger, more active ones have been turned off. I am finding a lot more arbitrage opportunities the last couple days than I have in an long while. Are you seeing the same?

Either way, current climate has been perfect for improving the robustness of the arbitrage trading logic since there are amble trading opportunities to test various strategies.


I cannot get this stupid meme out of my mind. I think I may have to print it and hang it on the wall.


I don’t think it is the U.S causing things to be down, afterall 60% of trading gets done out of Japan, the U.S is only a smaller percentage in Crypto trading, need to look at Japan and Korea more for any clues as to why things have gone so quiet.

However, yes, I am seeing much more opportunities in arbitrage trading across Binance, Kucoin and Cryptopia. For some reason, Cryptopia is running a kimchi premium on most CDA’s for the last few weeks.

Happy trading and Stay Fishy


Good times today.

After buying the dip and with things trending up, pulling in some great returns.

My faves I have sold to BTC so far are:

IOTA - UP 13.719%
VEN - UP 8.027%
NAV - UP 6.324%
NANO - UP 11.367%
ONT - UP 13.225%
WAN - UP 10.723%
ADA - UP 11.625%
GNT - UP 12.096%
and the best performer in my BTFD list:
BCN - UP 23.173%

Will probably buy all those back again on Sunday during the lull.

Still waiting on a few others to peak like AION, POWR, AMB (which is currently up 9.055% but climbing), BAT, WAVES and NCASH. Will probably convert those to BTC within the next few hours.

Then patience game till Sunday, rinse and repeat :smiley:

Edit: and… AMB just hit 10.072% - SOLD to BTC \o/
Totally killing it today!

Happy trading and Stay Fishy


Same here.Today was definitely a banner day for buying the dip last night. BTW, I’ve got a new bot running just for this scenario. It won’t make a trade every day, but rather watches overall market watching for when nearly every coin goes red for extended periods and for > 10% or more, then starts to level off and all reversing around the same time. I call this one “Catfish” for feeding off the bottom. :slight_smile:


Awesome, I like Catfish, though Golden Carp would have fit too :smiley:

Stay Fishy


Well, you know…I’m a good ole’ Southern boy from the South. Around these parts, carp is trash fish. Catfish, as the kid on Master Chef Jr. proved, can kick some serious foodie butt when fried up properly and served with Louisiana Hot Sauce and hush puppies.

I’ve a question for you…you mentioned you score each day with a sentiment score that basically gives a pulse on the daily market. Can you tell us more about that and what factors into that score?


Looking good so far, almost all the BTFD’s sold.

The Sentiment is based on the amount of time a CDA is trending UP and compared to DOWN or FLAT, coupled with the amount of Volume being traded, coupled with data from https://coingossip.club/
Along with data from the majors from the USDT statistics.

This is calculated Week by Week, then day by day and then by the hour and averaged out.

The idea is to get a feel for how things are trending to try and prevent trades that stop loss out.
If there is too many stop loss trades, the bot goes to sleep on trading until I manually attend to it.

Stay Fishy


This is exactly the problem I’m working on solving right now. Generally speaking, when the market is “alive” and tide is rising, so to speak, things don’t stop/loss out. But when market is bone dry, like they have been last several days, I find the bots are stopping out far too often and not very profitable. There’s simply not enough upward action on the prices to recoup the trading fees, so it’s best to be reasonably confident the trade, once entered has a chance to at least clear the cost of entering and exiting the trade.