MEW/MYCrypto hostile takeover


Hmm…looks like a takeover/rebrand at myetherwallet.


Thanks for the update


Having disagreements is fine, but taking over the previous Twitter handle and pretending that it’s suddenly the new twitter handle won’t sit well with most.

I don’t see the new wallet gaining much attraction after the way the split was handled by Taylor.

Right now the original MyEtherWallet Twitter Handle has been rebranded to @MyCrpyto:

If I was a noob in the space I’d be confused, but because I’m not it just pisses me off…


I think an interesting view is the work that has been put in by both Taylor Monahan aka (tayvano) vs. kosala aka (kvhnuke)

taylor github work:
kosala github work:

  • I think the brand mycrypto is better and will be more widely used/recognized


Number of contributions doesn’t equate to the amount of work done.

I unfortunately don’t have time to look into what majority of the contributions actually were, so I can’t say whether the new one will be better or not.

If she believed she was going to make a better product taking over the twitter handle was not the way to go about it. Instead she should of build her product from scratch and had its improvements vouch for her.

You can’t take over a twitter handle to a new company because you had an emotional attachment to the handle. That’s like stating that an employee from Apple took over Apple’s twitter account because he was there with the founder and had an emotional attachment. That wouldn’t fly with anyone, and I don’t see why this would either.


Taylor was the CEO and 2 out of 3 shareholders voted in favour of dissolving MyEtherwallet and form MyCrypto. I’m not saying that renaming the twitter handle without prior announcement is ethically sound tho.



So . . . . which website am I supposed to use to access my wallet with all my assets?