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Ok, so this is something I needed to hear. The fashion industry is saturated (maybe not so much in Crypto). Use fashion to build a Brand, not a Store. Good to know. Only reinforced what I thought to be true. Kinda what I’m doing at the moment, brand building with clothes.


Build the brand and the store will catch up…


Kinda, yeah. Still figuring out when and how to separate the site and create two of them, depending on the costs associated with them both. Still an unknown to me at this juncture


Alright guys here is my first Tee Shirt design. Hope yall like it.

And here Is something I was messing with for exclusive members of the Pub/Patreon.


Do yourself? How’d you do that water mark on there?


Yea I made them this morning got home from work last night at about 10pm and had the idea flowing and couldn’t just stop haha went to bed at 3:30am with this product and and was just a layer I added with my name from my logo.


Nice, I’m guessing photo shop. If possible it would be cool to bend DogeLord the same way as the logo, just some feedback :wink:


Thats what I thinking but I’m still learning with this software.
I’m using GIMP editor.


interesting, I’ll have to give that a look. Not happy with my first artist on Fiverr so far, was a level two seller too :man_shrugging:


hopefully they make it right…


Yea its not to bad for being free. GIMP
Damn thats not good man hope it all works out.


Got to love open source. The artist is at least still in contact with me so that’s encouraging. Going to download and play with it some time soon.


It Does look great with the curved text.


I like the rocket still, lol


Nice, looking good! That did end up looking good.


Thank you man.
And I like the rocket too @RavenSkyDaisy !



Love it! You got a great little niche there bud. Love the art work!


I know that feeling, thats why you want to view the artist profile and if they have less than 10, work done , i skip them.

I also read the comment they leave on my job request.

if it looks like a generic message like,

Hello Sir, i would be a great fit for this project, have 10 years of graphic design experience…

I tend to ignore these people as they just spam on everyone’s Request.,

I look for Personal replies to my Job request,

Like Hello, Yourname, I really like your idea for … and concept for the artwork, i would love to take on this project and prove my work. …Please check out my profile . blah blah blah…

I always tend to choose the more personal one.

Also Please remember… You Get what you pay for… $5 or $10 jobs might not be so good.

What i usually do is ask for a Sketch for $5 or $10 depending on the complexity of my vision.

If i like their sketch, i tell them to send me a custom order to finish off the artwork… \

Adding Detail, color, commercial rights, exclusive, Please note the amount of revisions you can do with the artist.


i have something very similar to this!. just ordered my samples Yesterday.