Merchants: Master-Mind&: Call-to-Action


Needs to be vector or .png for transparent background.


Managed to finish Oct meetup art work last night. Looks really good.


In the process of becoming transparent and .png


Yo I bet it is dope.


I may need to your second opinion on the finished product though. I have two potential versions I’m going with but I need another eye confirming what I think I know.


absolutely, just send them my way and I’ll give my opinion


When I get home I’ll send them over for revisal.


My store front. Haven’t launched any product yet.

@RavenSkyDaisy let us all know when you have some artwork for sale! I’m definitely looking to get some stuff for my studio background!


It’s definitely in the works bro. Setting up a store isn’t easy, lol. Lot of front end research :joy:


@RavenSkyDaisy you should make another store to sell crypto designs people can purchase a license from you to use your designs on their store. you might have 10 to 100s of people buying 1 design from you at $50 to $100 a design. Thats some nice passive income. An you can limit the contract stating they can only sell X amount of shirts then they have to renew the design contract again if they continue to want to sell your designs.


That’s an interesting concept. I’m gunna keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestion :sunglasses:

I was even thinking about separating my art from my clothing line. Just a thought I had.

So much work to be done LOL


Hayden Bowles is doing live Q AND A right now.


What is your store powered by @heavilyarmedclown?

I like the idea of maybe doing prints of certain designs that are of higher quality, they can be shirts too but the prints would be limited, signed, different mediums, ect… I got the idea from looking at the art HAC was checking out on discord, why limit the possibilities…


Got a shout out from Hayden! woot woot! : ) Love that kid.


Been listening to successful drop shippers. One common theme they all keep reiterating is market testing for data and finding a coach or trying a program that someone is already doing and doing well.

That’s why I’m following Hayden. He’s a young millennial who’s only been in the game a couple years and is already crushing it. Plus he’s got a strong inner circle of support who are building with him. He’s not so big that I can’t reach him and he’s already putting together cohesive game plans to teach others what their doing.


He had abt 250 people on his live stream Q&A. And I guarantee you I was the oldest person there getting schooled by millennials, lol


This e-commerce thing is in a bull market, similar to Q 3 and 4 of Bitcoin last year. Except I don’t think the volitility is the same.
This is great news for us cuz it means we can catch two trains at once with e-commerce and Bitcoin.


My tentative plan is to get my clothes designs set up with Printful, find a POD for my art work, and set up Shopify using the web page criteria Drop shippers are implementing and then start reaching out to influencers and learning Instagram and you tube advertising.


e-com can take a lot of money to make money, are you a programmer?
if you know mySQL it can really help you…
There are some shortcuts though, but it is all about the marketing.
Here are a few links that may help you…
Shopify is very difficult, something like 1 out of every 600 stores ever becomes profitable and it takes somewhere in the area of $100 a day in marketing for anywhere from 6-15 weeks to get results using Facebook/Instagram adds. It depends on method and technique but remember 97-98% end in a serious financial loss. Not trying to slow your momentum at all and I wish you best of luck.


Yeah, I’ve heard the horror stories. The trick is circumnavigating myself carefully through the waters. I’ve lost alot of money doing dumber things than taking a shot at a moon ticket.
I’d rather be failing and learning something valuable in the process than pissing my money away on stupid shit.
But yeah, I hear what your saying.