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Don’t like Shopify much, LoL :wink:


600,000 shopify stores, I’ve never even been to one and with the reputation of getting credit cards hacked, and full of scam stores, I wouldn’t advise anyone to use that outdated platform. 65% of online retail sales are on amazon (may, 2018)


Yeah, I’ll be editing my store so there is not Shopify logos anywhere, and Ill be getting my own domain. No way in hell im promoting Shopify in my domain name.
Im not sold on Amazon. Not sure if its the right direction Im aiming for. Its got alot of good use cases for sure. Im been listening to all sorts of people promoting their sales pitches for Amazon for various methods of merchandising. But none of them are really hitting a chord with me. I havent given up on Amazon, I just havnt found any sales methods I down with yet.


Ill review those links you posted tmro, thanks buddy.


Amazon is hard because it takes a lot of feedback, and sales to actually get more sales. I know there are ways to get on the search results quicker, such as buying a bunch of a product for cheap and selling it for basically no profit (buy 500 mp3 players for 90c each sell them for 99). I would suggest having something unique, do something totally different. Have a niche. If you do what others have done, so have millions of others. Sell something you can’t get anywhere else, or make yourself. If you use Shopify, which would be very dangerous, back your store up with insurance because the are thousands of reviews saying there are hackers that specifically target shopify because their code is weak.


Facebook ads let you target very specifically, age, sex, interests, area… but you NEED something to get the attention. BE UNIQUE. I’d stay away from t-shirts, coffee mugs and phone cases. #1 way to fail fast.


For the terms of pushing high value traffic to my store I’ve been thinking of potentially using add traffic to drive people to my channel, then the ones that get hooked will eventually get driven to the store. It is definitely a longer term play. Thoughts?


drive people to your YT channel with add traffic? and hope they click on your merch link in the discription?


watched a video a while back about doing interment adds for ones youtube channel with cherry picked videos. Was figuring it would be relatively successful in generating long term listeners/followers, then as the store gets established I have a retained audience that would be more willing to buy. Just a possible path to discuss, and get your thoughts. There are so many strategies to shift through and play with.


Sounds viable. Multiple streams of revenue. I wouldnt count on it but add it to your tool belt as you build it out. Depending on your YT valued content it may take you a good minute to develop this.
I would make videos of your self setting this process up or post the documented process your using in here for your records. Then make periodic videos promoting your site and merch on YT and try drawing interest in that way also.
The idea is to collect data to see what works in drewing in views and potential customers. But you have to experiment with it otherwise you wont know what is working.
Thats my plan also for future videos and my continuted education getting that point.


Im busy doing a write up for your wife abt sleep paralysis in Fight Club. Ill let you know when its finished; )


Thank you for doing that, I know she really enjoyed talking about that with you.


everyone was very busy talking so I wanted to make sure she understands it completely.


Done alsdjflslflsdjflsafj


How many youtube videos have you made? Do you know how nearly impossible it is to get views?
300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Better have something unique and viral.


It’s gunna take a long minute for PowerofKnowlage to gain any traction with YT vids and marketing I know. I was just suggesting he document the process so he can continue to learn YT and making videos and what not.
He needs content either way, so document everything just in case he blows up in a year or two.

No one gets to viral status unless they upload something or get really fucking lucky. No upload, no results.


That is a great idea, because you will then have a video diary of sorts, that will be forever. Its also a foundation. Don’t limit it to YT… upload to YT,, and Dtube, at minimum so you can maximize possible views.