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I’ve been watching a lot of Justin Cener. He’s got a great channel and community on Facebook, and frequently uploads shorts targeting specific tasks regarding POD Shopify stores.


Great, thanks for posting Gram. I’ll check him out😉
Got to diversify the research.


Ok so Freewebstore is great to use but I’ve ran into one problem and that is you cant integrate Bitcoin/Crypto payments. Looking to switching to woocommerce since they have plugins for it!


Can’t you plugin Coinbase Commerce link?? That should work.


Im looking into that as well Bc I dont wanna have to restart lol, but I cant quite figure it out. Tried to google it and nothing.


That’s weird. I set one up the other day. I’ll check my bookmarks here in a minute

It was easy to set up. Its basically just a wallet where you accept crypto payments.


Yes I’ve done all that, I’m just trying to figure out how to integrate it with me site.


try keywording your issue into YouTube, im sure someone has made a video on it. Thats what i would do.


Bottom left button allows you to link a product directly to your web page via link or something of that nature.
Where is says “accept payment” …Follow the insturctions after clicking


Finally it works thank man. I was being a little slow I guess lol
Do me a favor and go to my site click store+ then to mens and go to the shirt ,and see if it works on your end please.


store link?


Yea sent it to you last night in discord, well this morning since we were both grinding at 2am lol


Fuck!! I cant remember what i was doing two hours ago, LOL


I see it, never mind



looks like its working fine


Awesome man thank you and I know the feeling! now back to working on the site now that I know how to use CB commerce and I dont have to change sites YAY!


Shit by the time your done I’ll be asking for your help,.lol


Cool with me thats why this tread is hear, plus we can share that knawledge next weekend lol