Mercedes Benz SL 500 for sale (BTC)


I’m selling my Fathers 1998 SL500 (~69,000 mls). Sadly my Father has passed last year. I’ll have to let his cars go since I’m living in Germany and I don’t want to get into the hassle of shipping them to Germany. Car is located in New Port Richey, Fl.

He had bought this a few year ago and hasn’t driven it a lot since he used another car as daily driver.

Besides the typical car battery issues (battery has been renewed) from not being driven on a regular basis the car is in fine condition.

I’ll accept the BTC equivalence of 12,000 USD as payment.



Gotta reduce that price… After seeing the car in person since I’m stateside I have to admit letting it sit for 1 year in the ‘wild’ outside didn’t go over to well. After having it cleaned and detailed the left view mirror glas fell off and I found out the headlightwasher/wipers have issues. That mirror glas is a 495 USD at the friendly MB shop down in Clearwater. I’ll let it go for USD 9,000.