Meme megathread


So I lurk around here and just read and watch videos, don’t comment much. But I run a meme page on Facebook where I basically just try to get people to post the most off the wall offensive memes they can find but I was thinking about doing like a meme a day here from that page or randoms I see.



our mostly crypto related meme thread:



Yeah these weren’t gonna be crypto related lol



OMg. This is so wrong. But so… wrong.


Yeah you should see the stuff that gets posted in my Facebook group… so brutal lol


conspiracy meme game is tight!




Uh oh why you let a meme thread open Peter lol

Rules, only 1 rule, OG content, dont be copying and pasting these should be Pub Exclusives, the meme game is on!


do we really need 2 meme threads? That´s confusing :sweat_smile:

MEMEs that made you laugh


I’m all for decentralization but when you gotta meme, you gotta meme.


This one was meant for non-crypto related shit lol



Need help turning this Price Action Chart into a Meme.



So I literally just checked Instagram, and somebody beat me at posting a cleaned up version of the dino. So I captured and cropped. If someone could help me make a meme or wants to have some fun with this cleaned up pic I would appreciate it.




Words to live by, might get this tatted on me


That’s hilarious man!