McGregor Vs Nurmagomedov


Conor is overrated IMO.
It all goes back to the Chad Mendes fight for me.
Chad had less that two weeks notice and conor was taken down with relative ease vs mendes.
Mendes gassed and conor took him out on the feet.
Had Chad came with a full camp, the Conor hype would have never happened.

As far as mayweather goes, well…everyone should have know conor was going to lose and that famous left did virtually nothing to Mayweather. In fact, mayweather actually stood there and let conor hit him.

Conor is good at, tho getting in peoples heads.
Look at Jose…he was undefeated but Conor got to him, like hes done with others and Jose went COMPLETELY out of his fight game and got KOd.

As far as the Diaz boys go…well…good luck with that.
Conor lost the first and barely won the second (He said he spend about 300k for that camp).
Nate, in my opinion, is probably the 3rd best BJJ guy in the UFC. I think Demian Maia is the first.
Jacare is up there too.

My thing is, with grapplers, you can only run for so long unless u get a quick KO in the first few rounds.
Conor should solely work on his BJJ during this year, exclusively. Id say go over to the Gracies in Torrance and live there.

But thats not MMA. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, traditional boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushin Karate are what youd be looking for.

Yeah i pretty much hate Conor lol.
He does have that left…but i think thats his bread and butter.

Yeah i think that went the other way around.


McGregor disrespected Khabib’s family name and that’s a NO NO in Dagestan or in general in Caucuses.
Anyone who is from there or Eastern Europe knows that you never talk in anyway or form (joke etc…) bad about parents.
McGregor got what he deserved.


He did in the cages. This would have been better if he beat connor and kept connor on the back burner…meaning…do what conor did to Jose Aldo.

Aldo didnt get a rematch at all.
That would burn conor up inside.


Agreed mostly. I will say this, Conor may seem overrated, but that particular matchup should have been put off until Conor had some time back in the game, and extensively practiced his BJJ. Both of those guys had a plan to gas each other out, that’s why it was as boring as it was. Also, all the Conor shit talking was a bunch of hype to sell the show, just like all his fights are. Khabib a different kind of person though, and seemed to take deep personal offense. Conor had to get personal because he had no other way to get into his head. Also Conor took a major mauling from Khabib and he should have been knocked out, so I give props to that. He made on major mistake at the end that costed him the fight, but I personally think khabib won rounds 1,2 and 4. Conor had round 3, pretty much the only round.

Khabib a lot better fighter than given credit for.


I dont know why Conor would make a plan to gas Khabib out. Im not sure ive ever seen Khabib gas.
Also, its insane for anyone to go to the ground with Khabib…specifically with him on top. Thats just not a good idea overall.

You throw Khabib off by taking HIM down.
He doesnt have god like TD defense like Aldo does…hes godlike with his top control.

The fight went as I predicted generally.
I think Khabib stood too much with conor tho…still.
The only thing that shocked me was when Khabib dropped Conor.
I didnt see that coming at all.


Conners coach said on Joe Rogan that everyone fucks with him about his (shit) cardio… I maintain my position that it was a for-profit only match. Each side doing what they are told to do to generate the maximum amount of money.


I dont know why. Khabib had already mauled Conor.
If you look at the diaz fight…the first one, Conor wasnt mauled per se…he tired out and nate got the rear naked on him. He beat him clean…but this fight…Khabib beat the hell out of Conor and in a complete convincing manner.

So for Khabib to still go ballistic AFTER the fight?

I just think he exploded and lost it based on what was said before the fight.
With the win, the money was already made, Conor humiliated and beaten.
But hey…different folks have different temperaments and can take things ALOT more serious than others apparently.