McGregor Vs Nurmagomedov


With Mcgregor, losing and still getting over 100 million… I’d do whatever it takes to hype up the fight and try and keep getting crazy money… the question is can he handle the ground game… I don’t think so and Kahbib knows that and is likely going to keep trying to take it there


I’m not impressed with Tyson or Deontay. Obviously they are decent because of what they achieved but I just can’t get excited about their fights. You’re right though, Tyson is the better boxer and Deontay has those WILD swings so who knows.

I prefer Joshua to be honest. His fights have some excitement.


I do like Tyson’s talk though. He’s funny


Maybe the pub meet up could be the weekend of that fight :thinking:


Yeah he’s very funny. Both big bastards and I hope it’s a fantastic fight but I don’t see it.


I know, 6’7 with 83" reach is the smaller guy, haha


I haven’t seen a fight to match this one yet…

WATCH IT :joy:


Conors loss didn’t count towards his MMA record because he was Boxing Mayweather. It is two different sports, and MMA and Boxing are seperate.

Looking forward to Conor mauling Khabib…


for $65 …i’ll watch it on youtube tomorrow, lol anyone want to bet some doge on it? I’ll bet against mcgregor


Only just leaving the job. Now a two hour drive home. Gonna miss it :weary::weary:


Lol that was crazy… regardless of how awful that brawl was… it was great for ratings


Khabib Nurmagomedov kicked McGregors ass. Sure wish someone would have bet some doge, haha


I’m happy Connor got his cocky bitch ass handed to him.


I was going to say that, but there are a lot of McGregor fans here, haha, he knows he didn’t really lose, he made nearly 150 million total from losing to Mayweather, I imagine it was something like that again…


Yeah Khabib looked like he meant business. Conor ran out of gas too quick once again.

I stand by my view that wrestling is boring as fuck and there should be a separate UFC minus grappling… That’s why I love Muay Thai :thailand:


Yeah it’s still a paycheck for him. Ratings are all that really matters and he delivers them.


I think the Mayweather fight was boring because in boxing when they get tired they start hugging over and over


Well May weather is the ultimate defensive boxer so his fights aren’t always exciting.

In my opinion two striking MMA fighters provide the most epic fights. I can appreciate the technical skills and art of grappling but for the average audience it’s super boring.

The best fights in history are ones where both fighters are going for it, swinging for their lives. Not hugging :joy:


I agree

I also agree


That was another money fight for Conor. Khabib was too much for him. Connors standup is great, but Khabib wore him down with the wrestling for a few rounds, and you could see that tired look on his face. I knew he was done for when he couldnt even phase Khabib with his punches. Not the same Conor as before.