MAX KEISER: I gave Russel Brand 1000 coins



People finally started realising the value of BTC


I wonder what would happen if we enter into hyperbitcoinization. Would we reach a point where no one is selling BTC? Who would want to trade for a dying fiat currency?


That would create a crypto singularity :smile:

I guess then people would start selling and buying everything for bitcoin so that they can accumulate some because fiat would have no value.


Bitcoin will suck up the world’s dept.
Fiat will be backed by Bitcoin (maybe).
Or it will be worthless & everything will be valued in BTCs.


Why wouldn’t you sell BTC? You can still buy hundreds of cryptos that will have a lot of real world use.


I meant more specifically if we were in a true period of hyperbitcoinization, especially near the end when the last holders of fiat were dumping it for Bitcoin who would be selling their Bitcoin for fiat? I’d be more likely to accept people’s valueable possessions for my bitcoin/cryptos. I don’t want that worthless fiat.


Yep. I tell people all the time, buy just a little bit of crypto. The FOMO is real. You don’t want to be the last one having to buy when you’re sitting on your worthless cash.


Good point. It’s hard to even imagine a future like that. Even for the most hardcore Bitcoin believer. I honestly have no clue what people would do when that happens.


Hanging out with Max in between takes at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. #tnabc



Wow that is so good. I am jealous :slight_smile:
He is an amazing character. Hope to meet him one day on the moon :slight_smile: